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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Reclaiming Mental Health: The Art of Healing

    It's a tiring and lonely road, journeying through the pathways of mental illness. It is a road where it feels like no progress is being made; a road that can be overwhelmingly difficult to manage with strength and grace. But it doesn't have to be this way—it is possible to find treatment and reclaim our mental health, if we just know how to begin the process of healing.

    Rehabilitation begins with reflecting on your current mental state. It can help to ask yourself thoughtful questions. How do you feel in the moment? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you feel stuck in terms of being able to articulate what you need in order to heal? It's okay if the answers to these questions aren't immediate; a process like this is not instantaneous. It requires intentionality, concentration, and dedicated work. That's why it's important not to rush finding an answer that fits but rather to relax and take time to locate the underlying problems of your psychological situation. Taking breaks from self-reflection can also help in this process.

    Once you figure out the core problems that you face, the next step is to seek the best treatment option for them. This might mean searching for different programs that provide therapeutic help or identifying counseling services in your area. Consider consulting a professional specializing in mental health who can help you find appropriate solutions for these struggles. It's understandable to feel overwhelmed by these options as well as confused about which one you should choose—but it's important not to lose hope and instead think positively about looking into each of them.

    It's also beneficial to have a network of people who understand what you are going through and are willing to support and encourage you along the way. Many times those who suffer from mental illness feel isolated from the outside world, so surround yourself with individuals who will listen intently to your story and provide a safe place for you to express yourself without worry or judgement. And if there are any loved ones who cannot comprehend your experience, gently explain it to them with patience and care. It is also important to remember that some people will not understand or even support you on this journey—and that is ok too! Just seek out those who do and don't let the others detrimentally affect your progress.

    Engage in purposeful activities that bring you joy and relaxation in order to keep progressing throughout the healing process. Allowing yourself opportunities such as painting, playing an instrument, writing poetry, or listening to music can all help create a positive mental state, reducing stress and promoting emotional stability, cultivate healing energy within yourself.

    Mental illness is hard to experience but recovery is possible. Reclaiming mental health doesn't have to be an arduous task but rather a journey of finding inner peace and self-realization. The key is to remember that healing never stops—it is something that requires one's undivided attention and effort every single day in order for true self-care and healing to take place. So heed this advice and go forth on your journey of discovering mental wellbeing.

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