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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Problem-solving Stress: Approach With Gratitude

    We all know the feeling of being bombarded by problems, that sense of inertia when it feels like anything we do isn't going to be enough. It can be overwhelming and it can seem impossible to find a solution. But, instead of focusing on the problem that is causing the stress, what if the focus was shifted to different methods of dealing with the stress itself? We may not be able to solve our problems all at once, but we can try smaller solutions such as taking a break, journaling our problems, and practicing gratitude that will, in turn, ease the burden and help us take steps towards solving the problem itself.

    It is easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed when faced with a problem. We may feel the need to do something right away and that can lead us down a path of rushing in without really understanding the issue. Taking a break is one way to create space between our feelings and our actions. A break provides an opportunity to put the situation into perspective and think about the situation in a different light. Taking time to breathe, step away and clear your head, going for a walk or listening to calming music can be incredibly helpful.

    Journaling is another way to take steps towards dealing with the stress of a problematic situation. Writing down our thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears on paper provides a different kind of clarity. By pouring our energy into creating vivid descriptions, and trying out solutions in writing, we can begin to work through our emotions and move towards action. It can also be helpful to make notes on any steps that can be taken to start finding a resolution, so that the problem stops consuming all our energy.

    Gratitude is another powerful tool when making the journey to solve a problem. Focusing on the things that are good in our life, on the things that we do have control over, can provide us with the strength that we need to move forward and handle the difficult moments. Practicing gratitude helps us to see that though our lives may have problems from time to time, there are still reasons to have hope and joy and to strive for better solutions.

    When we have grappled with our emotions and made some progress towards seeing the solution itself, it can be empowering to do something about the problem. Making a plan of action, researching the resources available to us, seeking out credible advice and support, or even learning something new can all help to form a strategy that can be implemented in a systematic and effective way.

    In times of stress, it's important to remember that problem-solving isn't always a simple process, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed and helpless. So rather than fixating on what we cannot do immediately, take a break, journal your problems, and practice gratitude. And then you may find that taking small steps can eventually lead to a positive outcome.

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