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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Is Loving Someone More Than Life Itself Healthy?

    The powerful and overwhelming feeling of love is something that can bring so much joy and pleasure to one’s life. To love someone so deeply and passionately that you would say it was more than life itself can be thrilling yet intense. But many become lost in the intensity and forget that all-consuming love can often have severe consequences if the relationship and those in it are not healthy for one another.

    When we experience such an intense connection with someone, it can often lead us to believe that there is no other way for a real relationship to function. We think that if we really loved someone, then we could never leave them or refuse them anything in a relationship. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking can quickly lead you to an unhealthy relationship.

    In many cases, overly passionate relationships become toxic, as the other party begins to feel smothered by your strong commitment and love journey. Loving someone too much can also lead to suffering when things don't turn out how you planned or when you start to question whether the other person is truly committed to you. That said, loving someone cannot always be bad as long as both parties are willing to recognize each person's need for space.

    The most important thing to remember is to still ensure you are taking care of yourself first. Yes, it can be indulging to get completely lost in your love for someone else but recognizing when you need time away from them is just as important. Being able to focus on your own well-being and emotional needs for a certain period of time allows you to appreciate their presence even more.

    Being overwhelmed by feelings can cause a loss of judgment, so it pays to remember that agreeing to any major or permanent commitment should be discussed rationally and given distance. Decisions like marriage or living together should not stem from an emotional whirlwind but from a realistic assessment of what you both want to accomplish together. Without rational thought, it’s too easy for one or both people in the relationship to end up feeling unfulfilled and resentful.

    When it comes to loving someone more than life itself, it’s important to remember that the only person you truly can control is yourself. As cliche as it sounds, self-love isn’t selfish; it’s actually necessary. Showing love and kindness to your significant other but also putting yourself first will help keep a strong sense of gratitude between the two of you. You must also be willing to accept that if at some point your relationship does come to an end, you will still have yourself and can develop a sense of fulfillment apart from your significant other.

    Rather than blaming yourself or your partner if things don't work out as you had hoped, take the opportunity to value the experience and keep growing in life. Learn from mistakes, continuing to be there for each other while understanding when it’s time to step away. This kind of respectful behavior is an example of true maturity, further ensuring the ability to find satisfaction in existing relationships while being open to new ones. Loving someone more than life itself is okay as long as we ensure an honest and healthy balance in our relationship. When it’s possible to share in mutual admiration and respect with someone, that is something to embrace and cherish.

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