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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Is Ignoring Politics the Key for Mental Health?

    When you're bombarded with current events and continuously scrolling through your social media feeds, it can be exhaustingly overwhelming. This often leads to feelings of depression, helplessness, and anxiety, along with a persistent urge to addictively check for updates. Paying attention to politics often results in a plethora of stressful thoughts, leaving some to ponder if ignoring politics can save their mental state.

    The encouraging message on this subject is that there are ways to engage with politics without feeling drained by it. To start, you need to find a balance between how much news and information you take in and what kind of values you project into it. After all, it's important to stay informed on current events but not sacrifice your well-being without taking preventive action.

    Disengaging with politics doesn't mean totally avoiding the news reports and social conversation - this would be more taxing and isolating than helpful. It simply means finding smart yet healthy ways to limit these sources of information so you remain aware but don't consume yourself with daily hectic news. Oftentimes people feel like they should be plugged in 24/7, when in reality just taking a mini break from it can do wonders for their mental health. Here are some helpful strategies you can use:

    1. Unfollow news accounts you follow on social media. This can help combat feelings of anxiety that arise when you observe people spouting irrational statements or political views that may differ from yours. You have the choice to have a less hectic flow of information, which will give you access to news updates without being distracted by the extra commentary.

    2. Designate certain times during the day where you take the time to do a quick updates scan. Prioritizing small snippets over lengthy articles can keep you focused on the bigger picture while limiting yourself from going down the rabbit hole after reading opinions from various insiders.

    3. Create strict boundaries on your media consumption by either preventing yourself from refreshing timelines or deleting apps from your phone if necessary. It might sound oversimplified, but these guidelines can actually help you resist the temptation of consuming too much information at once.

    4. Take part in relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation as a way to refocus your energy and clear your mind. Taking advantage of exercising will make you feel better both physically and mentally, as well as encourage mindfulness skills which are essential when collecting newsworthy updates.

    5. Practice self-care before seeking out political information such as proactively saying encouraging words to yourself or doing something that matters to you first before reading any external reports on current events. It is essential to remember that no matter how "important" political posts seem there's always more to life than what we read online.

    Although breaking away from everyday news might seem like a challenge at first, it can open up a world of positive possibilities for your mental health. Staying informed on current political events is important, however giving yourself an outlet from the usual news cycle can make all the difference in maintaining healthy thoughts and actions.

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