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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    How Can I Make Sense of What I'm Going Through?

    Dear eNotAlone: I feel like my life has been turned upside down and I just can't make heads or tails of what's going on. Things have been tumultuous for the past few months, and things just don't seem to be getting any better no matter what I do. My emotions have been a rollercoaster and I haven't been able to focus on anything other than my worries. Even simple tasks have become so difficult that I find myself avoiding them and burying my head in the sand.

    I don't know how to find the strength to push through things. I feel like I just need something to help me understand why this is happening and how I can move forward. I really want to find some inner peace and clarity, but I'm not sure how to go about it. How can I make sense of what I'm going through and finally find some relief?

    * * *

    You're certainly not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and confusion of life right now, and the most important thing you can do is to take care of yourself first. During times of uncertainty and stress, it's important to focus on self-care and practice mindful living. This can look different for everyone, but some things to consider would be setting aside time each day to nourish yourself with things that bring you joy, pace yourself while accomplishing projects, and spend time with people who lift you up. It might also be helpful to write down your thoughts in a journal or consult a therapist or counselor if you're feeling overwhelmed.

    Furthermore, it's essential to be kind and gentle to yourself during these trying times. Acknowledge your worries and fears, but remember that it's ok to give yourself a break from all of them too. Then, calm your body and mind by engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, or prayer. As you accept and release the chaos, you will slowly start to make sense of the situation and eventually, find peace and clarity.

    It may take a bit of trial and error, but don't give up hope. As long as you stay patient and keep taking things one step at a time, eventually you will reach your destination. Put in the work, trust yourself, have faith, and most importantly, focus on finding joy in all the little things.

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