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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Falling down the Rabbit Hole: Descent into the Dark Depths of Despair

    Have you ever felt so many emotions and issues were impairing your state of mind that you felt like you were backed into a corner and didn't know what to do? Life can feel as though it is spinning--getting out of control, leaving you feeling powerless and confused about where to go and whom to turn to. From addiction to depression, broken relationships to financial stress, confusion over goals and self-worth, it can feel as though these problems compound until they all become an emotional maelstrom. If deep feelings of sadness and helplessness have been with you for more than a few weeks, you may be in what feels like a state of emotional no-man's land, under a never-ending cycle of suffering in a state of burn out, disconnection and daze. Welcome to the rabbit hole, where life can seem overwhelming and tumultuous, like being thrown down into a bottomless abyss.

    In this article, I'm here to provide a beacon of light and guidance in navigating the dark road ahead. The first and most important thing is to recognize and acknowledge you're experiencing problems or distress, which means acknowledging and taking responsibility for your circumstances. You don't need to fall into self-criticism or blame yourself for your situation. It's okay to feel overwhelmed but understand that fear, anxiety, and any other negative responses are not going to fix your current situation.

    The next best step is to face the wave of fear that's hopefully surfacing and start by focusing on one problem at a time. Recognizing it and feeling it helps to take away some of its power. Acknowledge the issue and make a plan to tackle it head-on. Remember, too, that "no one can do everything all at once". Concentrate on taking one small step, one day at a time. When you concentrate on just one problem, you may find more ways to go about it that help alleviate the sense of helplessness you may be feeling.

    Take a break from the mental monologue and use the pause button to enjoy the tranquility of silence. Give yourself permission to indulge in activities that help relax you. Long walks, listening to music, or reading a book are all wonderful outlets for relaxation. You might even want to try something new like therapy, meditation, or yoga to explore the inner workings of your mind and body.

    If at any point during your descent you find it becoming overwhelming enough to heighten suicidal ideations, please do not hesitate to reach out to a professional therapist or crisis hotline. Never be ashamed to seek help -- in fact, it speaks to the courage of accept that you may need some assistance. There's no shame in accepting others' help, because asking for further support means having the humility and insight to know that on our own, we can't fix everything.

    Recognizing that our struggles, while lonely and personal, aren't unique or isolated will make us feel less alone. Connecting with meaningful relationships will create a sense of community and a feeling of comfort being around kindred spirits who can share experiences and provide support.

    Don't forget, if you can step away from the problem emotionally, it enables you to look at the problem from the outside and gain perspective and clarity. Look at the details of the problem and take a scientifically analytical approach instead of a reactive one; if the problem has multiple solutions, figure out which solution is most beneficial for you.

    The path of descent is never easy, whether the fear and anxiety is arising from an existing problem or an impending one. Remember, it's essential to deal with pain and suffering, as hard as it feels; because acknowledging and exploring one’s own sorrows makes it easier, in the long run, to become free of them. Learn to cope and move forward while strengthening your resilience both mentally and emotionally. Once through the rabbit hole, you may find yourself in a calmer and more peaceful place, knowing that you now have the strength to carry on and handle future difficulties.

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