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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Calm Your Nerves: Following Your Intuition With Pure Intention

    We all have a sixth sense, a kind of spiritual intuition, that knows the truth and guides us on our path through life. It's hard to trust it completely and rely upon our ‘gut feelings’, but this feeling is often more trustworthy than we think. We shouldn't be scared to take risks or make mistakes. When we react to what our inner voice is telling us, sometimes magical things can happen.

    Our nervous system detects whether the people we meet have good intentions or not. People with a good heart contain an energy within them that immediately calms down those around them. Their presence fills us with a sense of peace and happiness. If we listen deeply to ourselves, our body will let us know if something or someone is good or bad for us, even if we can't really put it into words.

    When we surround ourselves with people who are true to their own hearts and spread good vibes, our nervous system will naturally feel at ease. This can help us manage our stress levels, improve our overall mood, and gain clarity in our thoughts. We should notice how our body reacts when certain people enter into our lives and make sure that we stay loyal to ourselves and with those who treat us with respect.

    Emotional stability is an essential part of living peacefully. It requires us to take the time to understand our true intentions, appreciate the beauty in being honest and candid, and having a sincere connection with ourselves and others. If we allow ourselves to be present and feel the world as it is, we can open ourselves to calmness and confidence that come from being authentic.

    In order to truly trust our nervous system, we must take care of ourselves and practice mindful meditation. Mindful meditation gives us a reminder on how to be present in our lives and point us towards things that have a positive effect on us. Focusing on our breath, noticing our body's senses, and being aware of negative thoughts that may enter our minds are all techniques of mindfulness that can help us relax our nervous system.

    Finally, we need to give ourselves permission to experience our true feelings, even if we share different beliefs and opinions to the people around us. Showing ourselves unconditional love and gratitude is a comforting process that allows us to stay in tune with our hearts and minds. Giving ourselves the security to navigate our lives and trust ourselves no matter what develops a deep level of self-confidence which our nervous system will sense and find solace in.

    Our nervous system will naturally feel calm around people with pure intentions and beautiful hearts if we just trust it. Our inner self has the ability to get us through any situation, so let it guide you on your path.

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