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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    What are some tips for balancing work and family life in a marriage?

    Marriage is like a two-part harmony between two people, but balancing work and family life in a marriage brings forth a difficult counterpoint. Working together, mixing tasks to produce the melody of a beautiful partnership can be hard enough; attempting to thread in the spouse’s career with the marriage and family life can be overwhelmingly tricky. Even if it seems the job is slowly pushing its way between the couple, stealing away the cherished melody, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Through understanding each other’s needs and aspirations, spouses can construct a beautiful orchestration to their married life.

    The key to finding the right balance between marital obligations and career aspirations is making sure both sides are listened to. Partners can do this by actively engaging in open and honest conversations about where each one wants to go and what are the best ways to achieve these goals. The spouse who is able to communicate what matters most to them and why should be taken into consideration and appreciated. In turn, the partner may be able to received respect and perspective on what is entailed in the career path of their choice.

    Another tip for finding the balance between marriage and a job is agreeing upon and breaking up how the responsibilities in the relationship are divided. Couples can discuss practical ways to work together to build the family and keep each other’s careers buoyant. One might take on the bulk of household tasks and the other might focus on being the major financial provider or vice versa; whatever makes sense for each couple. Often times it is best to carve out time both individually and jointly figuring out what you can adjust to fit the current stage of your careers and marriage life.

    Spouses should make sure to nurture themselves so that they can give back the love to each other. Setting aside alone time or couple’s time helps to re-engage in the relationship while also strengthening personal identities. Taking away the pressures of having to reciprocate tangible things can allow partners to feel supported, accepted and not taken for granted, so that both side’s interests can truly be met without compromising the other’s wishes. It’s also important to recognize there are rare moments when both partners cannot come together to accomplish a goal, even though it’s important for the relationship itself. Again, communication and understanding shines here, to be the key to help resolve differences.

    There will be ebbs and flows when it comes to balancing work and family in a marriage, but with some creative maneuvering, listening and strategizing, couples can make it happen. This not only builds a well-rounded relationship, but an inner strength only mastered between two people deeply connected and helping one another reach a greater potential in both marriage and career life. So as long as both spouses follow the tune and strive for a profound understanding of each other, this union can ensure a harmonious and thriving life.

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