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    Top Etiquette Mistakes Wedding Guests Should Avoid Making

    The Big Day. It’s supposed to be a day of pure joy and happiness as two people exchange vows, promises and rings, signifying their commitment to one another. For most guests attending the wedding, this translates to an obligation to dress up and put your best foot forward. But in the heat of the moment and the flurry of the ceremony, it can be easy to forget guests etiquette guidelines. To help you avoid making any of these mistakes and ensure you are always well-mannered, here’s a list of top etiquette mistakes wedding guests should avoid making.

    Firstly, it is essential that wedding guests arrive on time or even better, slightly earlier. Anything later than 15 minutes after the start of the ceremony is considered disrespectful and hurtful, particularly if the ceremony has already started. Secondly, guests should never post photos or videos of the event online. This rule applies even if the couple has not specified to keep social media postings to a minimum – it is still best practice to keep photos and videos between you and the bride and groom.

    Another major faux pas is interrupting the couple’s first dance by taking the floor to join the newlyweds. Although you may feel like you want to share in their special moment, this should only be at their invitation, not unilaterally taken. all guests should refrain from having too much to drink at the reception. Not only does alcohol tend to lead to inappropriate behavior, it also takes away from the joys of the wedding day for both the guests and the bride and groom.

    But the biggest mistake to avoid is talking about uncomfortable or inappropriate topics. Since weddings are celebrations of love, too often guests can burden the festivities with a discussion of their own issues with money, politics, relationships, or other controversial topics. If a conversation seems to be heading in an uncomfortable direction, politely excuse yourself rather than engaging in potentially offensive topics.

    In contrast, appropriate topics to talk about include the food or other creative wedding elements such as the cake decorations, centerpieces, and music. Engaging in pleasant conversation with new acquaintances is a great way to show your respect and appreciation for being invited to the wedding.

    Using good judgement is key to maintaining the wedding's peaceful atmosphere. As a guest, remember to demonstrate your highest respect for the couple and their wishes. In doing so, you will guarantee an enjoyable wedding for everyone involved.

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