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    The Right Makeup For A Wedding Day

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    WeddingChannel.com's beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist, Eve Pearl provides all the brides-to-be with a few easy beauty tips that are based on the frequently asked questions about choosing the right makeup for the most important event in life - the wedding day.

    According to the expert, women want a flawless, the most natural look and are looking for trends that will enhance their inner beauty. In between going for a final fitting of the wedding gown and figuring out last-minute decoration nuances, Pearl suggests that you should reserve some time for a formal makeup application procedure. For those, who will be doing makeup by themselves, it is very important to learn the right way how to apply each product, therefore there is a need for some practice at least several times before the big event. Many women might think that there is nothing hard in putting on a lipstick or mascara, however, they should remember that properly applied makeup will last much longer, as well as it will better compliment their features.

    Pearl says that there are two main cosmetic products that serve as a base of your entire look - your foundation and your concealer, which will be applied all over the skin. The makeup artist does not recommend anyone to go with cheap foundation as it is more likely to run more in the heat on a hot day or take hours to settle or dry. Thus, it is always better to use the proven brand in order to avoid trouble on your wedding day. It will not hurt if, prior to the event, you do a trial wear which will help you determine whether the selected product is worth applying and being relied on. For those ladies who cannot afford expensive products and are trying to save, Pearl recommends choosing a drug store brand for the eyeliner pencil, mascara or even lip gloss.

    Beauty treatments such as eyebrow waxing or facials must be avoided a week or two before the wedding day. Even if similar procedure has been done multiple times before without any consequences, you can never be sure that there will be no problem this time as the reaction of the skin is unpredictable. If there is a concern about the appearance of your brows at your wedding day, you could try a light tweezing the day before. A steam bath the night prior to the big event will also soften your skin in a natural way.

    Ladies who plan to apply a self-tanner should be very careful, cautions Pearl. There is an absolute need to exfoliate before applying, and by no means do not to let it dry in streaks. Once it dries, there is almost no chance to fix the problem. In addition, do not forget to wash the areas between your fingers after the application - bright orange color of your fingers may not flatter your new wedding ring.

    During the weeks prior to the most important day in your life, you should avoid letting the stress levels go up to unhealthy levels. If you do not pull yourself together, it could result in hormone overloads that may cause unwanted breakouts. If there is a pimple or rash emerging on the skin, try using gentle acne products on the area. If the problem persists, there is no way to escape a call to your dermatologist. And, if an unwanted blemish suddenly appears on your wedding morning, Pearl has a tip for you that is worth to try. First, freeze eye drops on a teaspoon. After that, when the liquid turns into ice, place it directly on the blemish. The cold will help shrink the swelling and the eye drops will take away any red spots.

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