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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Love Makes Bold - How to Propose to Your Pretend-Husband in Style

    Love can be a beautiful thing and even more so when you’re ready to take the plunge and propose. You’ve found your perfect soulmate – the person you want to spend forever with – but now you need to make sure that it’s a romantic affair that they won’t forget. A proposal should be sweet and special, something your pretend-husband will remember for the rest of their life… but how do you make sure it’s really over the top?

    The answer is easy – love makes bold. To prove your love and dedication to your soulmate, you need to go above and beyond with your proposal. Take the time to come up with a unique idea that will leave your loved one speechless. Here are some ideas to get you started.

    Create a Scavenger Hunt

    You may not have the time or budget to whisk your pretend-husband off on an epic adventure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun coming up with your own scavenger hunt. Hide clues throughout the house, or around town if you’re feeling up to it, and lead your soon-to-be spouse to the big question. Maybe your last clue could be leading them to a special spot, or the location of where you first met, or simply be the ring box with your proposal inside. With the right touches and a bit of effort, you can create an unforgettable experience for both of you.

    Go All Out

    If you want your proposal to be one for the books, then it’s time to go all out. For example, if you’re an aviation enthusiast, a proposal during a private jet ride might be a nice touch. Alternatively, you could take your pretend-spouse to a special location, such as a memorable beach or scenic overlook, where you plan to pop the question. And if those don’t quite fit your style, why not try something completely outrageous and 3D print a giant version of their favourite ring that they have to wear themselves? No matter what you choose, always remember to make it as unique and personal as possible.

    Write a Love Letter

    Maybe something that speaks more to your heart than your head is the way to go. Writing a heartfelt love letter that truly expresses your feelings towards your pretend-spouse can be the perfect touch for a romantic proposal. After all, words are powerful things that can communicate emotions in ways physical objects never could. Send off your letter from a safe distance, and make sure to end it with the big question – “will you marry me?”. It may be a simple gesture, but a hand-crafted piece of sentimentality that your loved one can treasure for years to come is worth a thousand words.

    Put on a Show

    Finally, for a really grand gesture, you could always throw a surprise party for your pretend-spouse – and use it as an opportunity to present your proposal. Get the gang turned out and ready to celebrate your special day, adding a few extra special touches like a live band, an acrobat, whatever you think would have them in awe. Then, when they’re least expecting it, pull off the show-stopper and drop down on one knee. The surprise alone will be enough to sweep them off their feet.

    It’s true that love can make people do daring things, and your proposal should be no different. The sky is the limit when it comes to proposing to your loved one, and with a bit of creativity and planning you should be able to come up with an unforgettable way to make them say “yes”. Make bold, bask in its beauty, and create a moment that neither of you will ever forget.

    Good luck!

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