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    Steven Robinson

    How Can I Stop Being Jealous of My Wife's Flirting?

    I've been married for just under a year now and recently my wife has been flirting with other guys, which stresses me out and make me extremely jealous. I don't understand why she'd behave this way - doesn't she love me anymore? What can I do to diffuse the situation and be less jealous?

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    Jealousy can be a destructive emotion within any relationship, especially when one partner is displaying behaviors that encourage these feelings. Though it can be difficult to deal with jealousy, understanding its root cause is essential in order to work through it.

    First and foremost, communication must be opened. Talk to your wife in depth about how her flirting is making you feel, being careful not to blame or accuse. Assess if this could be a possible symptom of a deeper issue going on between both of you that needs addressing.

    Ensure to check in with yourself as well. Jealousy can stem from existing insecurities and trusting your partner, as well as fear of loss and feeling fearful of abandonment. To fully process it, you must explore these underlying issues and determine their source.

    Practicing self-care and actively taking part in activities that help you feel good and offset triggers can also help to reduce jealous thoughts and feelings. Investing time into hobbies or projects you are passionate about will not only divert attention away from the situations at hand, but it can increase your self-confidence and calm anxiety.

    Focus on what you can control internally. Reframe your mindset with positive self talk and affirmations. Remember that your self worth comes from within. Your partner's actions are a reflection of themselves, not you. Let go of the need to control their behavior and accept that it has no bearing on your own value as an individual.

    The key to overcoming jealousy is fostering inner security, communicating, and truly believing in yourself. Do not be ashamed to reach out to a professional if need be – working through, instead of trying to suppress, underlying issues can make all the difference.

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