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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Coming Out of the Closet: Uncertain Steps to a New World

    “This isn't easy,” she said to herself as she stepped out of her front door and into the wisping sunlight. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Pangs of anxiety began to swell within her as she recalled the courage it had taken to reveal her true self to those closest to her. She steadied her feet and squared her shoulders, looked ahead and determinedly took one step after another until that part of her journey was complete. Now she was going to be taking a new kind of step, one that was meant to launch her forward into uncharted territory.

    Coming out of the closet is a complex, difficult and often stressful experience. From discovering self-acceptance to managing family relationships and making difficult social decisions, navigating the process of coming out can present an individual with immense challenges. Knowing the right time and place to open the closet doors, gaining the courage to take that bold step, and developing the necessary inner strength and support system to do so can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

    The first step in coming out of the closet is being honest and accepting with oneself. Before anyone else needs to know, it’s important to ensure at the outset that one feels secure and able to face whatever repercussions or challenges may arise during the process. Having a positive mental attitude and building up a strong inner support system can make the process easier to bear. It’s also important to first form strong allies who can provide an emotional anchor both during and after coming out. This could include friends, family members or peers of similar age, backgrounds and orientations.

    Once one feels at peace enough within themself to begin the process of coming out, it’s important to choose a suitable platform for the act. It’s more difficult to manage other people’s reactions when coming out in public forums such as work or school, and therefore it’s typically best to start off by telling close friends and family before branching out further.

    Once that part of the process is completed, the key is to stay strong and persevere. Reactions may range from shock to anger or even denial and rejection, but it’s crucial to not let these armors deter one’s self-confidence. Remember that everyone’s journey is unique and take the time to honour and respect the discomfort that this process often brings.

    It takes immense courage to come out and ultimately establish an individual’s sense of self-truth in a clamoring society that continually places certain labels and boxes upon people. But understand that no matter how hard it might seem, the one thing that matters most is yourself and the respect you give to your own outlook and orientation. When facing the difficult decision of coming out, it’s key to trust that the path eventually will lead to a fulfilling future and a self-identity that’s no longer bound by closed doors.

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