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    Steven Robinson

    How can you support your partner who is struggling with infertility?

    Dealing with infertility within a partnership is perhaps one of life’s most daunting obstacles. It can be heartbreaking and discouraging to see your partner in physical and emotional pain, feeling helpless and completely out of control. Nonetheless, you are not alone; there are concrete steps you can take to support your partner as they tackle this difficult journey.

    Firstly, it is important to stand by your partner and not pressure them to keep up with the same pace of life as before. Make sure your partner knows that he or she is not alone and that you are there for emotional and practical support if necessary. Do not be hesitant to suggest professional help; something so important and sensitive should not be taken lightly and it is crucial that certain professionals may be able to advise and help accordingly.

    That being said, communication is paramount. Talk to your partner and solicit any feelings or wishes they have. Sometimes, talking is all they need; merely having someone listening and understanding their struggles can have a mightily positive impact. Offer your best advice, lean in on whatever decisions help your partner feel more secure and hopeful. Try hard to relate to your partner’s experiences and don’t forget to reaffirm your commitment and unconditional love.

    It is also highly beneficial to both partners’ mental health to accept and adjust to the new reality. Seek activities that bring joy and delight - even if it might be painful -, explore new hobbies and interests, do something uplifting and out of the ordinary. Enjoy your time together, and don’t forget to nurture your relationship throughout the process. Make failure an adventure - allowing change to happen naturally, without expecting anything in return.

    Moreover, it is essential to be honest with ourselves and not ignore the immense amount of psychological toll that such a situation might bring. Find ways to cope with stress properly - such as therapy, mild exercise, yoga or meditation - to avoid burnout. Allowing ourselves to feel all emotions, including doubt, is fundamental in order to release any anxiety and anger that might surface during the long and tiresome road.

    Instead of hoping and wishing for everything to go back to normal, try re-framing the situation to focus on the positives, which include the stronger bond that often emerges out of this difficulty. Foster genuine appreciation for life and try living in the present moment - its moments of joy and sorrow - in order to cultivate acceptance and peace.

    Facing infertility is incontestably painful but such suffering doesn’t have to be faced alone. By following these simple steps, you not only support your partner through the tougher moments but you also reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the two of you.

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