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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    How Can I Reduce My Frequency of Petite Mål Seizures?

    Dear eNotAlone, I am writing to you in desperate hopes of getting advice from your team of experts. My life has been drastically changed due to a health issue I have with no easy solution: petite mål seizures. When my seizures first started, the doctors could not determine what was causing them. In fact, I went through multiple MRI tests, EEGs and other tests that would normally help diagnose an issue like this- which all came back inconclusive. That itself was discouraging, but it got worse.

    I started feeling like a science experiment as the doctors continued to try to more closely examine what was going on, including taking multiple blood samples and introducing me to several new medications at once, none of which had any positive results. I was eager to try anything that might give me some relief, especially when anti-seizure medications were mentioned. After trying two different kinds for a few months, it became evident that although they took away some of the mega-seizures, the frequency of the smaller seizures (petite mål) that I was having was not significantly reduced.

    I've been told by the doctors that lifestyle changes such as cutting out caffeine and reducing stress might help, but I remain hopeful that there is a real solution out there, a real way to rid myself of this challenging condition. I'm seeking advice from the eNotAlone forum in hopes of finding out more about options I have other than medicating, or if there are any breakthrough medications you may be aware of. Specialists have advised vitamins, herbs, and special diets to assist, but none of the methods are guaranteed to work and, even if they do, those kinds of treatments might take a while to produce any significant effect.

    I understand the difficulty of trying to find an answer to this issue and I deeply appreciate any assistance that you can offer, as I am currently feeling very helpless and lost. If you know of any potential treatments, techniques, or practitioners that have had success in treating petite mål seizures, I welcome any and all suggestions, resources, and advice you can provide.

    * * *

    We are very sorry to hear about your struggles and difficulties in finding a viable solution to your petite mål seizures. Your situation is certainly difficult to navigate and can be disheartening when treatments are tried and fail. However, we hope to point you in the right direction, providing you with options in terms of treatments and resources that will ultimately bring you some much needed relief.

    To start, lifestyle changes such as limiting caffeine intake and reducing stress may be beneficial, though they may not provide 100% relief of your seizures. Many herbal and nutritional remedies are used in traditional Chinese medicine and other natural treatments to reduce seizure activity. These can be found in supplement form as well as through dietary/nutrition changes. Magnesium is a popular supplement that has been known to help with seizures, and some experts recommend increasing your intake of healthy fats and avoiding processed carbohydrates. some people dealing with your type of seizures find benefits from eliminating gluten, dairy, and red meat from their diet.

    In addition to lifestyle and dietary changes, there are also various alternative therapies available which might give you the relief you're looking for. Talk therapy helps many people dealing with anxiety and stress, both of which can trigger seizures in certain individuals. Massage or acupuncture therapy can also provide sensory input and stimulate nerve endings, aiding in seizure reduction. visualization and guided imagery exercises can help relax body and mind, reducing stress levels and in turn, seizure frequency.

    When it comes to finding the best treatment plan for you, it is important to consult with a professional. It is likely the combination of treatments outlined above is the best course of action, with the most benefit coming from a combination of effort and dialogue between you and your doctor. Make sure you communicate your symptoms, feelings and experiences to your doctor so that they can tailor a plan specifically for you. Having someone who understands your individual needs and can custom fit a plan around that could greatly increase your likelihood of achieving seizure reduction.

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