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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Unlocking the Meaning of Bliss: How Achievement, Contentment and Love Lead to Happiness

    Having a misguided conception of what happiness means can mean people spend their entire lives seeking something they may not discover. The definition of bliss can become so convoluted it hides in plain sight, never quite revealing its true face. It's more than simply money, career fulfillment or exclusive relationships. True joy is an amalgamation of meaningful existences wrapped up in one package built over time. People often times don't realize the importance of certain factors that contribute to achieving real gratification until the time for reflection suddenly materializes. As the fog begins to lift, purpose presents itself and happiness soon follows. That said, is lasting euphoria achievable without success? Can an individual bask in joy without meeting any static milestones?

    The nature of being human encapsulates this unique paradox of seeking out what fulfils us; seeking out what makes us happy. According to Aristotle, happiness is "the exercise of our highest abilities and having joy and contentment from living a good life." At first glance, this seems rather self-explanatory, but some further evaluation and subsequent insight needs to be applied. If humans are predisposed to finding pleasure, then why is there a need to assess and weigh different avenues in our pursuit?

    A large part of what remains the biggest mystery of our individual searches for completion lies within the discovery of how important relationships are to our desired outcomes. Whether it is a connection with loved ones, colleagues and friends; deep relationships can bring purpose and perspective to our journey of finding repose. In evaluating our cravings, needs and wants, these relevant liaisons offer guidance and supplement our prospective goals. People can strive as much as possible towards meeting milestones and accomplishing targets, but without supportive entities to share their triumphs, achievement becomes a hollow victory. Rewarding quests work towards mutual growth, providing intangible reward through conversation, admiration and the company of the familiar.

    In contrast, greed and overambitiousness can create a tumultuous path to an unraveled state of despair. Placing too much emphasis on temporal outlines of success can overlook the significance of basic fundamentals. Responsible desire and reasonable expectations leave room to build truer foundations which teach empathetic understanding, pertinent life lessons and invaluable experiences. These foundational blocks serve as more reliable and rewarding building blocks than wealth and recognition. Steady accomplishment is touted for contributing to satisfaction, however, it doesn’t have to involve such rigid measures. Comparing oneself to someone else and coveting possessions doesn’t meet the requirement of true and lasting delight.

    The pursuit of contentment depends on the specific individual. Every person — and their process — is different. Many happiness coaches suggest meditation and embodied practices, amongst other recommended routines . Taking momentous strides to invest time in thoughts and enthusiasms that give purpose will better inform one’s aptitude for embracing events and producing work that feels honest, applicable and brimming with individual character. This endeavor comes with no strict rule book. Keeping an attitude of admiration and respect through patronage of love – loving yourself, your craft, nature and your fellows, will always encourage a warmer state of being. Such actions guarantee a sincere sense of trust and belonging, creating the safety and serenity necessary to bridge any gaps between achieving “happiness” and ultimately becoming at ease.

    To answer the question as to whether genuine joy is achieved in its entirety without reaching certain objectives, one could say that milestone achievement holds less weight in the overall picture than the day-to-day which builds the framework for success. Propinquity and education are powerful cohorts in reinforcing the type of enlightened feelings one seeks through accomplishment. We grow and develop stronger connections reacting to both interactions with the environment around us and responses to the status quo.

    It is important to remember that the search for bliss does not have symmetry or congruence with every individual’s vision. What works for one might not apply to another and different situations require unique tactics to tackle. Combining devotion with effort towards communal connections alongside one’s personal desires will breed a kind of harmony and camaraderie necessary to foster a healthy relationship with one’s entirety goals in life. In gathering the art of patience and building strength through the frail periods, happiness can blossom where it was never considered possible before.

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