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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Seeking Uplift: Do Introverts Really Have Less Fun?

    Why do we sometimes laugh at jokes we’ve heard before? Why are expressions of love so treasured when they can often be found in romance novels or films? It could be that savoring life’s little joys requires moments of complete connection and bond with our experiences. This idea was further explored in recent research that focused on peace, contentment, and other uplifts found in daily living for introverts.

    The research revealed a complex aspect of introversion—that sometimes the inward focus that is so integral to the personality can block out recognition of the small joys of everyday life. Despite this lack of awareness, the results showed that introverts can find joy in their daily activities and moments just as much as extroverts can.

    One way introverts may be able to access these happy feelings is to use creative outlets and cognitive techniques. Mindful meditation and journaling can help us recognize emotional cues and experiences as well as enjoy them fully. Creative hobbies such as writing, pottery and drawing can help us to take satisfaction from our accomplishments and find appreciation for the beauty and pleasure of all kinds of experience.

    However, even arts and meditative practices only work if an introvert connects to their own inner truth. For many people, this means taking time to identify what they need in order to feel comforted and relaxed. Whether this means taking a break to read alone, going for a quiet walk in nature, or spending time with close friends can be individualized depending on the person. Allowing themselves permission to be still and be aware of their emotions can also be a powerful technique that can help introverts tap into a more conscious state rather than merely experiencing life through a fog of stress, worry and ambivalence.

    These unique approaches to finding joy in the small things can create a sense of kinship and understanding between introverts and extroverts that’s both meaningful and lasting. Whether by conducting scientific research or simply by introspectively acknowledging our experiences, everyone can learn to seek and discover uplift. Throughout the journey, being kind and gentle to ourselves should always be of utmost importance.

    In a world where busyness and fatigue often reign, finding small moments of joy in our daily lives can be the reminder we need to bring balance to our mental health. Though introverts may have difficulty pinpointing those moments of joy due to their inside focus, careful consideration of their individual needs can lead to remarkable discoveries about their own capabilities for happiness. By accessing their inner strength, introverts can better appreciate life’s small pleasures and use them to form healthy connections with the world beyond.

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