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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Embracing Best Finnish Habits: 8 Simple Ways To A Happier You

    From the breathtaking natural beauty of its vast forests and lakes, to its renowned educational excellence, to its generous welfare system, Finland proudly takes its place as one of the world’s happiest countries. It's renowned for low crime rates, strong social bonds, good governance and exceptional quality of life. So what better place to look to for inspiration when it comes to implementing some of the best lifestyle habits?

    In a country where the average work week is just over 30 hours, citizens are able to appreciate time away from the office and invest in leisure activities they truly enjoy. Taking this concept to heart, prioritizing leisure activities and hobbies is essential in order to truly cultivate a meaningful and sustainable lifestyle. Activities such as woodworking, sports, art, reading, or anything else that captures your interest and provides a sense of joy should be given the time, attention and resources needed to develop. Doing routine activities could become inspiring when we set our minds to it.

    Finland is also committed to teaching the power of reflection. From the very beginning of their education system, children are taught how to take a step back and view their circumstances from a different perspective. This ability to be able to think, pause, act and reflect without emotional bias often leads to lasting, tangible solutions when trying to move past complicated emotional barriers. Learning to appreciate the sometimes uncomfortable, but important emotions felt during hard times can allow for more meaningful resolutions.

    Another aspect of Finnish culture that has enabled its citizens to lead contented lives is the concept of sisu, which roughly translates to “grit” or “perseverance”. It refers to a strength within individuals that allows them to continue striving, even in the face of impossible odds. By learning to continuosly harness this, individuals are able to overcome immense challenges and live a life unburdened by doubt and anxiety. Tap in to and strengthen your inner-reserves during difficult times in order to keep going.

    Relating to others is an important cornerstone of Finnish culture. Communities throughout the country maintain a close-knit bond and support each other when needed. In order to really feel part of a community and build rewarding personal relationships, reaching out for help and lending an ear when someone else needs it, is vital. Everyone experiences tough times once in a while and having access to an understanding and supportive circle of people makes all the difference.

    At large, creating a meaningful and sustainable lifestyle requires concrete effort and consistent practice. These tried and tested, Finnish lifestyle habits are a great place to start. Implementing even a couple of them into your daily routine could greatly benefit your overall health, mindset and wellbeing.

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