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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Bleak Pursuit: Embracing an Unalterable Reality

    Where does one turn when faced with the ultimate denial – a termination of hope? How does one reconcile with the idea that the pursuit of something so coveted, so cherished, is a fruitless endeavor? That any further steps taken are futile, and yet more time should be spent among the ghosts of what could have been?

    It’s easy to become so enveloped in the nameless, faceless void that we forget to appreciate what was, what might still be. When our dreams prove too ephemeral, beyond our reach even at arm’s length, it can become a suffocating experience. Stifled by the impossibility of it all, we risk miss out on the joy of living life with our feet still firmly planted.

    It’s an unthinkable fiasco, but with every sorrowful twist of fate comes glimmers of potential. Opportunity shifts with the seasons, no matter how dark and cold the northwestern winter night. At times, we must relearn how to find beauty in life even when everything seems bleak. To settle into a state of comfort with how life has presented itself to us, where we choose to remain in acceptance rather than resisting the cosmic order of everything.

    This journey is personal, and poses different questions, verges, and pathways for each of us. How do we prepare, accepting defeat but also cherishing the wins? Like a driftwood branch buffeted about the ocean’s currents, we too can unmoored, only to once again find an anchor for ourselves.

    The truth may be harsh, but it is entirely ours - and ours alone. Coming face to face with our own story, woven as it is from dead ends and stalled ambitions, can bring forth healing and solace. It can be a sigh of respect for the past that heralds our entering a new age of blossoming growth.

    It’s important to allow yourself to feel whatever emotion comes naturally in embracing your circumstance and accepting the unalterable reality. Give yourself the freedom to express without worrying over judgement or triteness; to experience inner battles between the past and present without masking your true self. Doing so can be frightening. But it helps to remember taking such a leap believing help is near.

    Once we confront and accept our current circumstance, we can then look to the future with a clearer perspective. This can help us approach our predicament with a greater sense of peace and comprehension. It is okay to feel loss and suffering in recognizing which paths were closed off, never to be traversed by our footsteps. Such a mindset can help reinvent oneself and one’s story, perhaps reconciling who we are today with whom we hope to become.

    Living in this world unencumbered by pre conceptions can open up possibilities and lead to a calmer, more tranquil life. In the stillness, one can work earnestly towards maintaining this sense of serenity. After all, despite the disappointment, there is always some light amidst the shadows. All we need is to take the time to search for it.

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