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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Seeking Companionship - The Challenge of Making and Keeping Friends

    Do you ever feel like the loneliest person on the planet? Like you are an island adrift in the midst of a bigger crowd made up of people who have good friends and great relationships? In reality, loneliness is something that we all grapple with from time to time, and making meaningful connections can prove an especially difficult challenge for many. It would be an understatement to say that developing relationships, and maintaining them for that matter, is no simple feat.

    For many, establishing meaningful relationships all starts with companionship, often provided by friends. That’s not to say that having friends makes one immune to feelings of loneliness or moments when it feels like you don’t fit in with others who, by comparison, seem far more connected than yourself. It simply means having friends can give you a greater sense of belonging and provide a powerful buffer against more intense periods of isolation and the negative connotations associated with feeling disconnected from society.

    Of course, having good friends isn’t something that just happens; it requires patience and an understanding of yourself, as well as those around you. Taking time to get to know yourself and understand your own strengths and weaknesses is essential. Being aware of your own likes and dislikes, as well as your values and goals, will provide a better insight into how you interact with others.

    Building meaningful relationships starts with connecting and engaging personally with those around you, so being genuinely interested in others’ lives will naturally draw people out and foster trust between yourself and others. Pay attention to the things people are passionate about, their values and what they may perceive as important, and reap the rewards in terms of their receptiveness to forming meaningful and deep-set bonds.

    Just as getting close to someone takes time, so too does sustaining and nurturing relationships of any kind. Building on shared experiences, such as ones repeated and protracted over time, is a great way to keep contact alive between people. This could consist of weekly get-togethers, attending events together or just taking part in mutually enjoyable activities.

    Regardless of the nature of the relationship, whether platonic, familial or even romantic, relatability plays an essential role in friendship. So make sure that whatever you bring to the table is something that the other person can build on. Practice empathy and offer reassurance; be it just some supportive words or the simple act of listening without judging. Don’t forget, a sense of comfort and security is important factor that helps ensure friendships last beyond the establishment phase.

    What it boils down to is this: though it can take significantly longer and be far more challenging to make a friend than to acquire a following on social media, don’t let this detour you from the prospect of meeting likeminded people to share experiences and meaningful conversations with. You don’t necessarily have to leave your comfort zone to reach out to people, but don’t be afraid to do so either if it increases the opportunity of forging true connections. In the end, life is far more beautiful when there are people who share in its beauty with you.

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