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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    A Glistening Hidden Treasure of Love

    Love, a glistening hidden treasure that all wish to find, but oftentimes easily overlooked amongst the politics of power and control. When searching for love, it’s important to remember that it never exists without truer friendships.

    Friendships are comprised of special secrets and moments, little gifts that expand and grow in unusual ways over time. Some say they want love, but what they’re really craving is an understanding of friendship that cannot be found through sheer means of logic or forceful will. To truly love another is to understand them, beyond physical promises or conditional expectations, through the exchange of spiritual dialogue, where the spirit speaks back.

    These conversations, often silenced by fear and self-consciousness, require courage to bring forth the true expression of one's heart. It is a daunting process where awareness plays a crucial role amidst the clarifying lenses of understanding that friendship can bring. Although much hurt brings forth a great need for protection, it is important to softly walk through the roots of life’s feelings with an open heart. Vulnerability leads to connection, not destruction.

    In the seedbed of truer friendships, lies a great blessing—love. It is often hard to find, but when the truth of friendship unveils & blooms, love reveals itself and it is well worth the wait. Love can be manifested between family members, a total stranger, or a beloved companionship, each mesmerizing in different yet vital ways. It can come from others we have only just met, reflecting upon us the same nurturing sensations one feels after years of relinquishing deep truths with another. No matter what its origin, love is something that can awaken within spiritually based relationships.

    It is also within these special connections, where honesty and openness bloom, that growing pains can surface, begging our hearts to become raw and confrontate. Whether it be through the still air of silence or blunt tones of expressing, together they can learn and grow in the atmosphere of their fellowship.

    To love, no matter how we receive it, is to be patient, always scared, yet trusting of inner dreams—for how will the kindness of one’s heart be made known if it remains hidden in the shadows of uncertainty? In this lies the power of friendship, for what often begins as small talks of commonalities paves the way toward greater revelations, providing a canvas for stories to draw and paint with heartbeats strong and fragile alike. Letting go of the need to control through agreements and contracts, we can welcome enough space for both our overt needs and subtle desires to mature without stipulations or expectations.

    Love is the binding fabric of relationships both intricate and guarded, formless yet certain. It shines in unexplainable moments – a smile, a gentle touch, a moment shared – and it is this mysterious area knowing that love Is right there, waiting patiently to be held and cherished.

    The searching journey of love and friendship beckons one to be open to its redeeming beauty, so it can be found and nourished with authenticity, transparency and trust. Its light glistens in the most unexpected places and is sure to be a hidden gem of pure delight when it rushes in, ever so gently!

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