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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    When Loving Someone Can Leave You Without Answer

    No matter how wise and mature we are, loving someone can make us feel helpless, filled with unsettling and unanswered questions. If a loved one doesn’t respond to your feelings, you might feel abandoned in a foreign land, surrounded by uncertainty, confusion and anxiety. When someone’s love isn’t returned it can be a painful experience, leaving us feeling shattered and alone. How can we make sense of such an emotional gridlock? The following advice is offered for navigating through this difficult stage of life.

    First and foremost, accept that there is no single universal answer when it comes to loving someone and not knowing how he or she feels. Everyone experiences emotions differently, which means the way they communicate their feelings may vary too. That said, both parties must be willing to be open and honest if any resolution is to be reached.

    Second, even if the other person is initially unresponsive, don’t assume that their lack of response is indicative of them not loving you back. It takes courage to express love, so it would be unwise to judge someone else’s actions when you’re in a vulnerable position yourself. Sometimes the other person isn't ready to show that same love in return. Life's surprises can bring moments when it's hard to express affection - yet that doesn't mean it's not still present.

    Thirdly, it would be beneficial to assess your own emotional state and see what steps you need to take to ensure your own well-being during this time. Developing self-care techniques such as mindful breathing, journaling and talking to loved ones can provide perspective and help alleviate any worries or anxieties you feel.

    At times, loving someone and not knowing how they feel can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are met with radio silence on their end. Whilst trying to come to terms with this silence, try not to jump to conclusions about why it has happened, as the truth might be something else entirely. Instead, focus your energy on taking care of yourselves, trusting that the right answers will reveal themselves soon.

    More broadly considered, unrequited love serves as an important life teaching. It teaches us resilience, strength, and the ability to keep our chin up despite an impasse. Too often do we spend our time dwelling on why things have to be this way - however, these moments of pain can act as a catalyst, spurring us on to ask greater questions about our future and, ultimately, deepening our understanding of love itself.

    There are no easy solutions for when it comes to loving someone and not knowing how they feel. Going through this experience can leave us feeling lonely, misunderstood and overwhelmed. Although it won’t be easy, staying resilient and understanding that different perspectives exist can offer the opportunity for a positive outcome. Most importantly, allow this situation to provide an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth - because without these difficult moments, we wouldn’t appreciate the brighter times.

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