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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    When Love Gets Complicated: What To Do When You Fall For A Friend

    Falling for a friend is one of the more complicated experiences life has to offer. One moment you might feel like you’re just platonic buddies and the next all of your feelings have been thrown upside down. It can be both exhilarating and terrifying all at once! No matter what happens, it’s important to comprehend your feelings and understand how to deal with them so you don’t get hurt in the end.

    Before you decide to make a move, you need to be certain that this feeling of love is real and not just a passing phase. Confusing lust and love is a common mistake and can lead to embarrassment, regret and potentially damaging consequences! Therefore, take some time for yourself to sit and digest what you’re feeling and allow yourself to explore it. Realize how your friend makes you feel and let that information guide you as you explore what lies ahead. While it can be difficult to avoid getting caught up in the flurry of emotions, thinking about your friend with a clear head will do wonders for uncovering what your heart really knows.

    One option to consider when deciding how to act on your feelings is to face your fears head-on. If you need further evidence that it’s real, think about talking to someone close to you- a trusted friend or family member- and ask them their honest opinion. Getting an impartial viewpoint can give you greater peace of mind as you move through your romantic journey.

    On the other hand, you may decide that opening up to your friend is too daunting a task. In that case, it may be best to step away a bit and observe their actions toward you. Are they interested in the same way or could they care less? Are they subtly flirting or just being nice? Can you tell if they have any special feelings they’d like to share? If their signals seem to indicate they return your affections, then perhaps it’s time to broach the subject.

    You’ve waited and watched- now it’s time to take the first steps towards uncovering either love or disappointment. If you’re too nervous to bring up the topic directly, then use your honesty to guide you. Be mindful of the words you say, the jokes you tell and the stories you spin. Most importantly, be true to yourself! An open conversation may feel daunting but know that it’s the only way to truly discover whether there are deeper feelings between the two of you.

    However, communication is only the first hurdle. Before deciding if you’re ready to move forward, consider what you stand to gain or lose by telling them about your emotions. In addition, take into account the potential problems your relationship could face if you’re rejected. Will it be too awkward to still call them your friend afterward? Is it possible for you to maintain the close friendship you had before? Think long and hard about these questions, as too many couples break things off without considering how each person will cope after.

    If you find yourself deeply in love and ready to take the plunge, remember to be sensitive and level-headed. Building a foundation of trust is the most important factor, no matter what type of relationship the two of you setup. And while obstacles may arise, always approach them in an open and honest manner. This kind of placement creates a safety net in which both of your hearts can be well taken care of, regardless of whatever situation arises.

    Falling in love with a friend certainly isn’t easy. But by taking the time to put careful thought into your decision and approach, you’ll be more likely to receive the outcome you desire. Above all else, take your time, be sure of your feelings, and savor the moments- for you never know what kind of memories and future await you!

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