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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    When a Former Flame Lingers On: Uncovering Your Ex's Intentions

    The sting of a break up relationship is hard to swallow regardless of how much time has passed. It’s a difficult pill to take when your ex-partner just won’t seem to let go and insists on remaining in contact despite the pain it brings. When your ex continues to call you every day, they may be doing it out of an attempt to maintain some sort of friendship or they could be wanting to reconnect again—leaving you with a strange mix of emotion that leaves you confused and wondering which intention steps.

    Although it can be a tricky situation to get out of, the most important thing to focus on initially is your own emotional well-being. you need to be considerate of yourself and make sure that you’re not getting in too deep if your ex doesn’t share the same feelings that you do.

    Once you’ve balanced your emotions, it's time to actually assess your ex’s intentions. This can be incredibly tricky, as people are often unforthcoming when it comes to confessing a desire to reconcile. In some cases, it may be best to just have a straightforward conversation allowing your ex to say what their intentions are and why they continue to stay in contact.

    A clear discussion doesn't always work, though—especially if your ex-partner is unconscious of their feelings or apprehensive to express them. Even if you don’t get a direct answer, there might be certain signs pointing to what their goals are. After all, actions tend to speak louder than words.

    If you’re receiving loads of pictures of them with new potential partners or find out that they’ve cancelled dates with other people to prioritize plans with you, this may indicate that they are trying to get back together. On the flip side, if they only want to catch up with you during certain times or on specific days but don’t make an effort outside of that window, then this could mean that they are merely keeping a connection as a friend.

    Regardless of the hidden agenda, it’s not easy for you to figure it all out on your own, so you may find it reassuring to seek advice from your trusted friends and/or family. They hold a more objective understanding of the situation and are more likely able to interpret the intentions of your ex-partner. Whether they've dealt with something similar before or are just familiar with who they are, they’ll be more candid and concise in pointing out any further clarification on their intentions dan you may have seen.

    From all this, you need to make a decision about the future—regardless of their hidden motive. You have to start thinking about what you really want, and whether it’s beneficial for your life to pursue or not. If it’s not worth chasing an ex, don’t try to turn back time by bringing back someone from your past.

    Life moves on, and if you truly want to, then so should you. Find a way to fight the urge of being pulled back into the pool of self-doubt. Speak to the people you trust to get the clarity you need and build your strength on your journey towards a more serene world of peace and happiness.

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