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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    What Do I Do After He Suddenly Changed His Mind?

    Dear eNotAlone: I have been grappling with an issue for weeks now that I feel like I have reached a point of confusion and frustration, and I don't know what to do. It all started when the person I had been dating for three months decided all at once that he wanted to take some space. We had been getting increasingly close, and suddenly he was telling me he wanted a break from it all. I am still confused about why this happened, as he had seemed so interested in me, but I find myself unable to get any answers.

    I am beyond heartbroken, almost feeling like a part of me is missing. I keep thinking back on all of the moments we had and wishing our relationship needed different decisions to go differently. All of the overthinking has caused me to be crippled by indecision, and now I feel like I can't bring myself to do anything. I see friends getting together and going places, and people around me getting settled into relationships, and it's like I'm stuck and cannot move my life forward in any way.

    It's hard for me to put this out there and ask for help but I don't know where else to turn. I'm hoping you can provide me with some advice on how to move forward and get out of my current slump, and maybe even more insight into why my ex might have changed his mind so suddenly. Is this normal? How do I start to recover when I feel lost?

    * * *

    Life can change so quickly, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and confused when it does. It can be hard to make sense of certain situations, especially when it comes to relationships. You are not alone in feeling perplexed and hurt by your ex's sudden change of heart, and this is a difficult time for you.

    The first step in the process of recovery is to allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel. Sadness and grief are natural feelings when going through a breakup, no matter how long it may have lasted. It is important to express these emotions in whatever way works best for you in order to start the healing process. Whether it's writing in a journal, having conversations with your loved ones, or seeking professional counseling, expressing your feelings is necessary in order to come to terms with the loss.

    It can also be helpful to look at what you may have learned from this experience. As difficult as it may seem right now, try to look back and understand what you may have gained from this relationship — perhaps a greater understanding of yourself, your values, or even the importance of knowing when to let go of something. This can also help you move forward in preparing for healthier future relationships.

    It could also potentially be beneficial to have a conversation with your ex. While this isn't always necessary, it could be useful if you feel that it would help provide some closure for you. Although it can be difficult to talk about what went wrong, it can be a positive experience if both parties are committed to having a respectful dialogue.

    Give yourself time to heal. No one is expecting you to immediately get back out into the dating world, nor should you feel obligated to. Take however much time you need to reflect on the past, practice self-care and slowly move towards the next steps of your journey with confidence and resilience.

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