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    Steven Robinson

    What Are His Feelings? - Deciphering Men’s Mysterious Behaviour

    Confused about whether or not that special someone has feelings for you? The truth is, sometimes it can be tough to crack the code of a man’s mysterious behaviour and figure out what he's truly summing up.

    After all, many guys tend to either keep their emotions close to their chest or participate in “hot and cold” behaviour, leaving the woman totally perplexed as to what is going on or who her suitor really is. If you find yourself in this situation, know that you are far from alone. Many women struggle with being able to accurately decode a man’s signals when initially trying to determine his true intentions.

    Modern dating rules can complicate matters even more; online matching sites, text messaging, back burner options, and apps all blur the lines further and make deciphering male behaviour more challenging. It is especially difficult if you don’t have a strong circle of family, friends, or confidants to help map out your situation. But, don’t give up hope—there are certainly ways to tell whether he is into you or not. It is a matter of reading between the lines and looking for certain key signs to assess the relationship’s status effectively. Here’s what every woman needs to know about deciphering men.

    The First Date Test

    One broad sign to look for is how he acts during the first date. This is an excellent litmus test for his feelings about you. Does he arrive for the date on time? Does he appear genuinely interested and engaged in what you have to say? Does he treat you with respect? Is he making plans for a future date or asking questions about things you care about? All of these are very positive signs!

    If, however, he seems dismissive, unfocused, unconcerned, and/or uninterested while hanging out, it might be evidence that his feelings toward you are not very strong. Watch closely and it should become evident quickly whether he actually likes you or not.

    Body Language Tells All

    In addition to his words, you should also pay attention to his body language on dates, in settings other than dates, and while texting (or communicating online). Is he leaning in toward you, gazing into your eyes intensely, holding your hand, playfully tickling you, and/or finding other subtle ways to touch you? If so, chances are good he genuinely enjoys your company and has feelings for you.

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