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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Understanding Men's Attitudes Towards Sex and Commitment

    In the intricate dance of dating, it's crucial to understand and accept the nature of men's attitudes towards sex. This acceptance should not be based on wishful thinking or preconceived notions, but on the stark reality of how men truly are. Such understanding can help you fine-tune your dating strategy and approach your romantic encounters with greater wisdom and confidence.

    In the initial stages of a relationship, before you have shared an intimate experience with a man, you hold the majority of the power. This power dynamic shifts drastically once you have had sex with him, where you may find that you're left with significantly less influence over the relationship. Offering casual, short-term partners this power prematurely may lead to suboptimal outcomes, especially if your ultimate objective is to find a partner for marriage.

    An important thing to remember is that men are typically less likely to commit to a woman if they can be physically intimate with her without having to make a meaningful investment first. The term 'significant investment' refers to the time, effort, and sacrifices a man makes in order to win a woman's affections. This is because humans tend to value that which they have worked hard to attain.

    This idea was highlighted earlier in the discussion about a man's realization of his feelings for a woman. The more he invests in her, be it time, acts of service, or commitments, the less he can downplay her significance to him, even if their relationship doesn't last. Counterintuitively, the more a man invests in a woman, the higher the probability of him maintaining a long-term interest in her. This is due to the fact that he has no choice but to view her as more valuable than other women because of his substantial investment.

    It's worth noting that some women are unaware of the potential harm to their self-esteem that can result from repeatedly allowing non-committal men access to sex. Such experiences can be emotionally devastating, especially when a woman is seeking a serious relationship and the man disappears after they have been intimate.

    There's an ugly truth that needs to be faced: men will often say anything to achieve sexual gratification. Even the simplest men can become strategic masterminds with elaborate plans to get a woman into bed. The man who was previously showering you with attention can instantly transform into an indifferent individual the moment he achieves his goal.

    To reiterate, women, being the gatekeepers to sex, wield significant power in the early stages of a relationship. However, once you've had sex with a man, the power dynamic shifts, and you're left with fewer cards to play. You could stop being intimate with a man who loses interest, but since he's already achieved his goal, he might not care. Men, being the gatekeepers of commitment, hold the ultimate card: marriage.

    The primary lesson here is that it is in a woman's best interest to retain her power until she encounters a man who is genuinely interested in her and is willing to invest in the relationship.

    Sadly, many women have been led astray regarding men's true thoughts and behaviors when it comes to casual versus serious relationships. I highly recommend watching a video by the Austin Institute about the economics of sex. It provides a fascinating and eye-opening perspective on the supply and demand of sex and how it shapes men and women's dating strategies.

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