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    Steven Robinson

    The Uncertainty of Love – How to Know if She’s Into You

    Love has often been described as one of the most difficult things to understand in life, and it can be particularly confusing when trying to decipher a potential partner’s emotions. When two people have newly met and have started spending time with one another, it’s often hard to tell whether the other person is interested in embarking on a romantic journey, or merely enjoys your company for platonic reasons. It’s this uncertainty that can create confusion and lead to misperceptions, so having the right tools to aid your detection is key.

    Most of us have probably experienced this situation at some point in our lives. You meet someone who seems great, you get on fantastically, there are plenty of positive signals, yet you can’t quite shake that feeling of insecurity. Is this person fond of you in an intimate manner, or are they just enjoying your companionship as a friendly acquaintance? If you’re unable to make these determinations, fear not, for help is at hand.

    Firstly, it’s important to remember that these feelings of discomfort happen naturally and can often be helpful indicators for recognizing the start of something genuine. When we feel vulnerable, it’s frequently an indication of a deep-seated emotional response and can direct our attention towards something more unique, rather than purely platonic.

    The next task is to monitor the language used in conversations. With that in mind, look out for simple phrases such as “I enjoyed that” or “ let’s do this again sometime”. Not only could they signify a desire for further contact and interaction, but also show a willingness to invest in a potentially meaningful relationship.

    The person’s body language is also very important in helping to establish if someone might have deeper emotions than initially meets the eye. Are they leaning towards you whilst talking, making physical contact in a way that doesn’t feel overly intrusive? Any sincere conversations that involve lots of eye contact are sure signs that the individual you’ve encountered certainly isn’t indifferent about being in your company.

    One of the most telling signs of interest is the amount of times one contacts the other throughout the course of a day. At the beginning of any blossoming relationship, it’s likely to be quite frequent, but as time goes on, it could become less. This cooling off period could create worry, but in actual fact it’s often a sign that the special someone is nuturening strong emotions and desires to explore further.

    On the other hand, if you’re worried that the object of your tender touches is rejecting your feelings, then listen to your instincts. Are they trying to move away from physical contact? Do they appear uncomfortable when in physical proximity? Do they seem flustered by questions concerning an impending date? All these nuances must warrant attention and care in order to identify if a relationship is feasible.

    We’ve all experienced awkwardness surrounding matters of affection but the key is to relax, stay pure and honest at all levels and learn to go with the flow and not stress yourself unnecessarily.

    Finally, it’s impossible to find the answers without direct and open dialogue in a comfortable enviroment. Showing vulnerability is often tough and brings fear of rejection, but if one is brave enough to bring up the subject of potential intimacy than both parties will have the opportunity to express their emotions and thoughts with clarity and understanding.

    It can be difficult to gauge someone else’s intentions and discover what lies beneath the surface, but with the right attitude and outlook, love could be closer than you think. Trust your instincts, act cautiously, pay careful attention to the signs provided, question when necessary and remain steadfast, and you’ll have a much clearer idea of who is truly interested and who is simply happy in your benigh presence.

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