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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    The Intrigue of Attraction: How to Discern If a Person is Interested in You

    When it comes to the potential of a romantic relationship, many of us find ourselves wondering if someone who has caught our eye reciprocates our feelings. This sense of uncertainty is oftentimes accompanied by questions of “Am I important to them? Will they remain interested in the long run? What if I make the wrong move and scare them away?”. To avoid feeling vulnerable and uncertain in such a situation, some will opt to stay guarded and aloof - yet, this gets in the way of building deeper heartfelt connections and providing an opportunity for love and companionship to enter our lives.

    This perplexing mystery and fear of the unknown can be daunting - making it even harder to understand how a person is really feeling or behaving. Oftentimes, people are experts at masking their true selves and preferring to portray the image they want to display in the moment. There is no easy answer or universal solution to understanding the mysterious undertones of attraction but with the right approach, it is possible to increase your self-awareness and become more observant of the cues people share.

    One of the key steps in this journey is to become more mindful of nonverbal communication. For example, when you are interacting with a person that you are interested in, think about the subtleties that come through in their body language. Are they leaning into you and maintaining eye contact? Are they engaging in various activities that might suggest an interest in getting to know you better? Paying attention to nonverbal signals can assist with deciphering the intent.

    In addition, the way a person talks about their past relationships, friends, and even themselves can also be indicative of their interest in you. For instance, if a person often brings up old stories of former relationships - this might be a sign that they aren’t truly ready to pursue something new. While on the other hand, if they speak positively of their past, they may be subtly indicating that they are adventurous and open to pursuing something new - which can mean they are interested in you. Furthermore, if they often express a genuine interest in what you have to say - it can be a cue that they may see you as someone of deeper importance.

    Another suggestion is to take advantage of shared experiences to observe how a person acts. When participating in a mutual activity, if a person is perceptive to your needs with an abundance of enthusiasm - these are characteristics of being considerate - which could be a sign of attaining greater significance in the relationship.

    Moreover, taking note of their presence in group settings can be telling - so allow yourself some freedom to observe from a distance. Attending a work event or hanging out with mutual friends can provide a clearer indication of how invested they are in cultivating a deeper relationship with you. If they make an effort to find you and hold a meaningful conversation - this could be a telltale sign of romantic interest. Whereas, a lack of camaraderie and disinterest might be setting off an alarm that suggests that their hearts might be somewhere else.

    Finally, be honest with yourself about the intentions of both individuals. It is easy to let our emotions play tricks on us and sway our perceptions - so keeping a watchful eye of the facts is key. The tricky part is that oftentimes, we can make up stories in our heads and distort reality. Thus, it is important to pay close attention and differentiate between when a person is being mindful of efforts to build a future together or if they are simply having a good time in the present moment. This distinction will likely provide you with a more accurate sense of whether or not they are interested in a more beneficial connection that has the potential to last much longer.

    Navigating the intricacies of understanding if someone has an interest in us is never an easy task. Yet, there are strategies we can use to develop our capacity to see beyond the anonymousness of disguise. From learning to read nonverbal cues, listening to the conversations people have, creating meaningful experiences, and practicing personal reflection - uncovering the hidden percolations of a person's feelings becomes less of a mystery and more of a realistic journey to discerning the truth.

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