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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    The Heart of an Unrequited Triangle – An Unexpected Love Triangle Advice

    It is never a good feeling when the person you have feelings for seems unattainable, especially if there is competition. It can be even worse if that competition is a close friend of yours. This can create an impossible situation of simultaneously trying to make another person notice your existence and wishing for your friend’s happiness. A person in this kind of complex situation may feel conflicted on how to move forward and not make either person suffer in the process.

    One thing to consider is the possible effects of your potential actions. Often, people feel stuck and uncertain when it comes to acting on these kinds of situations. Although it can be hard to do so, it is worth considering how your romantic interests, as well as your friend, could be affected. If you proceed with either of them, could it lead to heartache and pain?

    When it comes to taking action, it can be helpful to think about why you are in this situation and take responsibility for both yourself and your actions. Could it be that you did something wrong or felt too shy to make a move in the first place? Understanding why you are in this position can allow you to have a different kind of clarity in your thoughts and feelings when it comes to proceeding. It may also give you insight on what could have been done differently to prevent yourself from being in this current situation.

    Communication should also be a part of figuring out what to do. Talking to your friend and potential interests will help you further understand why the situation is the way it is. Correlating with the things mentioned before, it would be beneficial to think about how communicating could lead to the best outcome for everyone involved. Could it help ameliorate the situation or only worsen it?

    And yet, oftentimes no matter how carefully you rationalize or plan, it is impossible to control how others act or feel about you. As a result, much of the outcome may depend on external factors that you don’t have any authority over. Despite that possibility, focusing on the reasonable paths of action could still be beneficial; not all methods of proceeding will bring the same results.

    Finding peace when it comes to unresolved love triangles can often come down to understanding that life takes unexpected turns and twists. Even though it can be heartbreaking, sometimes you will have to accept that the person whom you have feelings for is not the one who will end up with your unwavering undying devotion. Your choice may bring sadness in the short term, but it is ultimately up to you to decide if it will leave you in a better, calmer place in the long run.

    When faced with this kind of love, acceptance rather than resistance may be the answer. Learning to compromise without sacrificing your values may lead to a more fulfilled state of being. No matter what the path that unfolds looks like, putting a greater emphasis on who we are and the kind of people we want to become could be the ultimate decision.

    Letting go of what you cannot control is often hard, but ultimately the only way to find true happiness. By understanding our own limitations and admitting our mistakes, we can eventually reach a place of contentment, no matter how unrequited the triangle.

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