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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Taking Flight into the Unknown: Older Women Who Date Younger Men

    When an older woman takes the daring, sometimes world-shaking, step to date a younger man, she is entering unknown territory. It often elicits judgement and, unfortunately, ridicule from the outside world. But while these societal dynamics can be intimidating, the resulting feeling of breaking free from traditional gender and age roles can bring immense satisfaction to an otherwise repressed woman.

    The idea that an older woman would prefer the youthful embrace of a younger man is as old as time itself. Rumored lovers, such as Cleopatra and Mark Antony, were perhaps among the first trailblazers to demonstrate this age-defying love affair. Though we may today ignore or condemn such romance, in their time, it was accepted as both beautiful and revolutionary. Today, this type of relationship carries the same weight, and many women are freely taking flight with the ideal that love and anxiety are not mutually exclusive realms.

    Older women who forgo outmoded norms recognize the blessing of being able to take full control of their mental, physical and sex life. These may have been denied to them by an aging husband or because they lack a relationship altogether. As a piece of self-actualization, these women bask in the rays of the second-spring-of-youth that radiates from their partner. Once they ignite the flame between themselves and their companion, it can be a treacherous journey through mysterious emotions.

    The courage exhibited by these emancipated individuals is awe-inspiring. They live by their own rules, something many of us only dream of doing. Unfortunately, it is something that is no pushover; not only must they overcome the pressures of public condemnation, but also the risk of becoming emotionally attached once again. A younger man may very well be unaccustomed to facing such a burden and find himself in emotional waters unknown.

    Though the risks of such a relationship may be great, those who see it through may even realize the reality: the absolute core of life is one big mystery indeed, and these couples are making a commitment to each other(even in light of emotional turmoil) that could span both the boundaries of age and the tyranny of social standards.

    On the other side of the coin, some of the doubts regarding these relationships can often be misplaced; the satisfaction age-defying couples experience is far beyond anyone’s predictions. This can be validated by studies that note older women who take the brave step to date a younger man often report higher levels of satisfaction with the relationship. In other words, for all its boundless difficulties, what is waiting for the couple on the end of this tumultuous road is worth every second of strife.

    No matter what anybody says or thinks, when an older woman disregards age-old customs and follows her heart, it is the ultimate sign of freedom and contentment. Only she knows what she truly wants from life, and it is far more thrilling to take a leap of faith than remain grounded. As astronomer Carl Sagan once uttered, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”, and when it comes to love, it’s never too late to discover something truly remarkable.

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