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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Should You Kiss on the First Date? Advice on How Long to Wait

    Ah, the first kiss on a first date. It's exciting and romantic and a little bit nerve-wracking. Making the decision of when to go for it can be daunting, as you don't want to rush things and send the wrong message, but also don’t want to wait too long and risk losing the moment. Here are some thoughts and advice on how long to wait before making the first move.

    When it comes to that first kiss, timing is everything. Too soon, and it might make them feel uncomfortable or seem like you’re overly eager; too late, and they might think you’re not into them. If you’re unsure when to go for it, use body language to give them subtle clues, like leaning in close and looking deep into their eyes. If they lean in too, that’s your cue to make the move.

    At the same time, consider the context of the evening. A first date spent drinking and laughing in a bar until closing time might lead to a more obvious opportunity for a kiss than a picnic in the park. Remember that not everyone is into physical affection, so err on the side of caution and find out what kind of first-date person your date is. If you get the sense that they’re not into it, don’t push it.

    Of course, there’s no guarantee that you two will hit it off, but there are a few ways you can increase your chances. If you feel a strong connection, use flirting to bridge any initial awkwardness, and if you can find common ground, use it to fuel some fun conversation. the sooner you start feeling that natural chemistry, the easier it will be to make the move.

    No matter what, keep it simple and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or them. You should both feel comfortable, and be in the right headspace for an intimate moment like a first kiss. On the other hand, even if all the signals are there and you still feel a little unsure, don’t hesitate too much or you may miss your moment.

    Finally, don’t forget that the most important rule of all is that there are no “rules.” Some couples have waited days, weeks, or even months to have their first kiss, and that’s perfectly okay. Whether you decide it’s time after five minutes or after five hours, trust your gut and go for it when it feels right. After all, many of the best moments in life come when you least expect them.

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