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    New Year, New Decisions: Making That New Year's Kiss Count

    On New Year’s Eve, there is only one activity that stands out as a symbol of renewal and transformation, and that is the traditional countdown to midnight and the iconic kiss that follows. Whether it be with a longtime partner and soulmate, a close friend, one night stand, or just with the nearest person standing next to you, a New Year’s kiss carries a unique and often fleeting significance.

    So, with this time-honored tradition playing such an integral role in celebrating a special day filled with possibilities, both romantic and platonic, what makes a New Year’s kiss so important? What does that resolution filled smooch mean for your emotional state and overall happiness, and how should it be approached? Here are some tips for making that New Year’s kiss count and unlocking its potential.

    First and foremost, the most exciting part of a New Year’s kiss is that it offers a chance at a fresh new start. More than just a romantic gesture or friendly embrace, a New Year’s kiss is a bold reminder that we can all make a conscious decision to create a new and improved version of ourselves moving forward. While some people see New Year’s as a time for reflection, others look upon the occasion as a wonderful opportunity to put the past behind them and explore the untouched thrills that the future holds. No matter your motivations or perspectives, a New Year's kiss symbolizes the strong potential and power that lies ahead.

    In addition to being a sign of hope and rebirth, a New Year’s kiss is also meant as a way to show appreciation to those close to you. Whether it be with a current lover, a lifelong companion, or even an acquaintance, expressing gratitude with an endearing smooch is an incredibly heartfelt experience that allows us to demonstrate our affection toward those who hold a special place in our lives. Even if the person on the receiving end isn't someone you particularly care for, putting aside any differences you may have and choosing to celebrate together can signify that you are choosing to reach outside of yourself, showing tolerance and compassion towards another individual.

    A New Year’s kiss should also remind us that an encounter, however brief, can leave a lasting impression. When two people join in a romantic and sincere embrace, the connection between them is tangible and powerful. It's important to remember that a shared kiss has the potential to spark feelings of hope and joy, and thus can serve as an important lesson in mastering small moments of joy and intimacy.

    Of course, kissing someone aligns with the culture more than anything. This means that boundaries will have to be respected, especially when things get heated on the dance floor. Having a great understanding between two individuals before they take on such a gesture can be the difference between a moment of magic and something with a more uncertain outcome. As with any kind of landmark occasion, understanding the social implications of your New Year’s kiss before taking part in it can help alleviate any awkwardness or regret that may afterward occur. Moreover, knowing your limits, as well as the other person’s, can help you stay safe in a potentially dangerous situation.

    A New Year’s kiss is a symbolic act that allows us to express our deepest hopes, fears, and emotions. It allows us to explore our boundaries, test the waters of relationships and connection, and experience something powerful and meaningful. Whether you decide to go for the simple peck on the cheek or a long and lingering embrace, focus on savoring the moment and making that New Year’s kiss count.

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