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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Loneliness of a Single Woman: The Journey to Find Love

    The lonely plight of single women often goes unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of life. As the world moves on and days quickly turn into weeks and months, the desire to be loved consumes more and more of the hearts of women who are alone. As a single woman, it is tempting to chase after love and cling to any sense of connection that might arise. But, just as an old saying goes, “love arrives when you least expect it”, so too does the need for understanding and self-love arrive.

    The journey from loneliness to being able to connect with another individual requires internal strength and understanding. It can be a long, winding road of trial and error, of mistakenly running too far or in the wrong direction only to start all over again. Emotional highs and lows are normal components of this journey, adding sparks of light to a dark path. Most importantly, on this journey it is important to remain mindful of yourself, your feelings, and your worthiness - take your power back and find your own strength and guidance.

    Though you have no one to turn to but yourself and while it may at times seem like an endless pursuit to replace that loneliness with meaningful connections and relationships, it is important to remember that it is not in all single women’s nature to resent love. Really what it comes down to is having an open mind, eyes, ears, and heart in order to receive the love that’s right for you – that type of love that will give you that lasting fulfilment, satisfaction, and confidence.

    One thing to keep in mind is that broken relationships can sometimes teach us more about ourselves than a successful one. Every person has different emotional thresholds and abilities, so don’t become discouraged if you come across someone who passes your threshold. Taking a step back or changing the course of your journey for the better is not always seen as failure; it can be viewed as an opportunity to reexamine what you truly seek.

    You may worry that being single has damaged your chances of ever finding that love that lasts, but this is simply untrue. Single women have not excluded themselves from the possibility of ever being noticed or attaining greater self-worth than they had before. Simply put, no matter what your past experiences have been it is not indicative of how your future should be. If anything, your previous relationships can help shape you and allow you to value the love that will come in the future.

    Sometimes all it takes is a little spark of hope or belief in yourself. And once those sparks turns into a flame, you will start to see the radiance of your purpose in life. You will be able to let go of the idea of “need”, instead replacing it with appreciation for what you have and gratefulness for the opportunity to learn a new way of loving and connecting with another [him or her]. Have faith that your own unique path will lead you to a beautiful destination where you can cultivate strong and powerful relationships, because true love isn’t something that can be pursued – it’s something that flourishes in its own time.

    Being content with yourself, valuing your worth as a single woman, and having optimism with regard to future relationships will help you along the way on this tumultuous journey. Be kind to yourself and don’t give up on love – what seems like a never ending wait today just might surprise you tomorrow.

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