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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Life After Loss: Navigating a Relationship with Self-Care Post Breakup

    The ending of a long-term relationship is never easy. Heartbreak, sorrow, and loneliness all come along with the experience. So, when someone finds themselves out of one relationship, they may question whether they should rush into another one immediately. Navigating life post-breakup can feel overwhelming and isolating, but it is possible to do so with proper self-care.

    The key to taking care of yourself during this time is being honest about your feelings. While it's important to take time for self-reflection in the wake of the end of a long-term relationship, it can also be beneficial to talk about those feelings with someone else for additional, professional perspective. Therapy can provide coping mechanisms for the emotions that go along with entering the dating world once more after a lengthy relationship. Pretending those feelings are not there won't make them disappear; instead, it can help to talk them through.

    Once somebody is ready to start dating again, they should look at the process differently than how they did before. It's important to take the necessary time to heal in order to be fully present. It'll be satisfying to allow oneself one day a month in which to journal or otherwise reflect on what it means to move forward in a healthy way. The idea isn't necessarily to find someone to replace the former relationship, but instead to learn something from that chapter and prepare for the next one. Re-reading old love letters or text exchanges can be therapeutic, but they don't need to act as a reminder of what once was. Rather, they can remind the individual of all of the love they had the opportunity to share and how that love, in some form, can still be carried on.

    In addition to therapy and journalling, having hobbies and goals can provide purpose and bring joy back into life. It’s also important to remember to stay close to friends and family who were present during the previous relationship. Further, finding an activity to do with one's canine companion can help to lighten the mood. Long walks or runs can help release pent up energy and frustration.

    Finally, it’s important that the individual set realistic expectations for themselves and any potential suitors. Ensure the desired lifestyle fits in their budget so as to maintain a healthy financial situation. Remember to be patient with the self and others by avoiding rushing into anything. Respect for someone else, starting on the first date, is essential. Lastly, it’s okay to make mistakes. No one expects perfection from day one, just an openness to learning and growing together.

    The end of a long-term relationship can be an emotionally charged time of mourning and heartache. But, if someone takes the right steps to be good to themselves, they will find themselves feeling whole enough to enter a new relationship without fear of repeating the same cycle. Life after loss can be a journey to find happiness and understanding.

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