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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Learning to Love Again, Letting Go and Finding Yourself

    Love is one of the most complex emotions in the entire human experience, one that comes with a multitude of challenge and elation all in equal measure. It’s no wonder then that so many of us are left feeling lost, confused, and incomplete when a relationship ends. Trying to figure out how to let go of your former partner and find yourself again is an incredibly difficult journey — one that could easily leave you stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of emptiness and hurt. But there is hope: with enough dedication and perseverance, it is possible to learn to love again, rekindle your flame, and awaken your inner strength.

    The first step in learning to love again is to take a break from the past. You must give your heart the time and space it needs to repair itself and make peace with what has been. Remember that hurtful things take time to heal, and no matter how hard you may wish it, nobody else can do it for you. So allow yourself to grieve. Cry your heart out, talk to friends, and do the things that make you happy — ultimately, live a life free from any attachment or connection to those early experiences.

    Additionally, creating healthy boundaries is an important part of truly moving on. Make sure you take time for yourself; be honest about what you need and don’t need to be happy, and strive to create firm walls between ‘then’ and ‘now’. Gently remind yourself that the old relationship is over and that it is time to look towards a new beginning. As much as it hurts, it is far too often too late to make amends with a former partner — and it is a hard lesson to learn but an important one nonetheless.

    Moreover, rediscovering your passions, self-care, and independence are pivotal in learning to move forward. Before you can learn to love again, you need to learn to love what makes you unique. Take this time away to build yourself up: catch up on sleep, pursue your dreams, get involved in a hobby, or make a bold move. Passion gives us purpose and perspective, and will eventually free you from the suffocating burden of an attachment to the past that may keep holding you back.

    Finally, never forget that you are the only one with the power to determine when you are ready to love again. It can be tempting to rush into new relationships and attachments, especially if those around you want to see you happy and ‘over it’ right away. But never forget that your feelings matter and that you are worth more than that. When you’re truly healed and ready to give love another chance, you will naturally feel a deep joy and peace within. Until then, be patient with yourself and trust that, with enough time and strength of will, you will heal — even if it takes much longer than anticipated.

    Learning to love again after life brings us to our knees is a daunting task. But don’t forget that you are not alone in this struggle, and that with the help of the right people and some self-love, miracles can still happen. Take time to understand your hurt; be kind to yourself and dedicate yourself to finding the confidence to live free from the trauma of the past. On that path to discovering yourself and love anew, lies a beautiful and unexpected journey.

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