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    Is Unshowered Hygiene a Dating Deal-Breaker?

    In today's increasingly competitive dating scene, it can be hard to stand out. The way you dress, appear and act can all contribute to your success or failure on an online or in-person date. One of the most important factors that can make or break your dating game is maintaining good personal hygiene.

    Having poor hygiene is usually seen as a major red flag amongst potential lovers. While physical attraction is important, having someone show up unshowered for a date can prove to be a deal-breaker. This is because good personal hygiene is not only seen as attractive, but it also reflects other qualities such as being organized, clean and self-confident.

    Poor hygiene is most often associated with being lazy or not taking care of oneself. It shows that a person is not paying attention to the little things in life, like showering and brushing their teeth every day. If you don't show your date that you care about your hygiene, it can immediately lead them to question whether you would take the same amount of care towards other areas of life. It could give off the feeling that your date doesn’t really care about making a good first impression, which can really hurt your chance at a romantic connection.

    An even bigger issue is that showing up unshowered for a date can come off as disrespectful. It suggests that the person does not respect their date enough to properly groom themselves before meeting them. This lack of consideration for the other person may lead to instant rejection as it can suggest a lack of empathy and emotional intelligence.

    Sometimes things can be out of our control, such as the summer months when humidity levels are high and sweat is inevitable. If you are worried about heading into a date with smelly perspiration, carrying a body spray or cologne can help cover any potential body odor.

    When it comes to looking and smelling good on a date, it pays to take the extra step and dedicate time to making sure we're well groomed, clean and presentable. No matter how physical attraction might be, no date wants to feel like they are in the presence of someone who cannot even ensure the hygiene of their own body. As much as appearance, hygiene sends the message of self-respect and respect for your date - key qualities for a successful relationship.

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