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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Is TikTok Encouraging the Wrong Dating Etiquette?

    The fastest-growing app in the world has sparked an intriguing debate on the right way to handle dating app etiquette. TikTok, the popular and controversial social media platform, has inadvertently stirred up conversation around what is appropriate to do when it comes to communication with a possible love interest — specifically when it comes to maintaining reasonable physical distance.

    The discussion began when a woman uploaded a video of herself criticizing her match's choice to ask to meet up with her within 100 yards of her house. She had been talking to this particular person for several weeks and according to the footage, felt that their sudden insistence to meet close by made her uncomfortable. The video quickly went viral and sparked much debate from netizens. Supporters of the original poster echoed her interpretation of the situation and maintained that anyone who pressures another for a face-to-face meeting too quickly should be held accountable. Some also argued that the great convenience of modern apps should not be taken for granted and that certain ‘boundaries' are necessary for safety. Other detractors on the thread maintained that life is too short for lengthy online conversations, and that going the extra mile to make sure someone is real is a basic prerequisite for an offline date.

    To further complicate the boundary-setting process, a major factor thrown into the mix is the uncertainty surrounding our current pandemic climate. With social distancing guidelines still widely being practiced worldwide, many couples find themselves weighing their separate degree of comfort when it comes to time spent together in person. After all, not everyone is able or willing to make long commutes for a first date at a safe physical distance — although some boldly propose ingenious solutions like virtual dates or outdoor picnics.

    As technology continues to shape modern dating behavior, navigating this unforgiving arena can cause even more anxiety than before. While it is clear that there are no hard and fast rules for how we should communicate with matches met through apps — there are of course methods that exist to protect our mental health overall. Of course one must remember it's still best to take cues from your intuition and trust the gut feeling when something starts feeling off.

    Personal safety and boundaries are paramount when starting something new. Although making sure you have chosen the right dating app etiquette can be a challenge within itself — it is extremely important to remember that such rules are ultimately in place to protect us as we navigate through each winding road of romance.

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