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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Is She the One for Me? Learning to See Signs and Strategies for Determining True Love

    It can be completely unnerving when a relationship has reached a point where it is no longer simply for fun - where real feelings and potential futures are being contemplated. Even when the physical signs are there, feelings of doubt can sometimes remain. Whether you are the one who initiated romance or it was something that just happened organically, when it comes to making the right decision about whether a person is the one for you, certain strategies and insights can be essential in understanding the truth.

    The traditional concept of courtship can be an instructive one in such circumstances, even though we have moved away from it in today's world. A time of testing and analysing, with clear boundaries and expectations, could be an excellent way to put your relationship to the test. Without placing undue stress onto the situation or rushing into too much commitment, taking a holistic look at the relationship during this period of courting could provide you with everything you need to make a rational and informed decision about the person's potential to be the one.

    Recognizing key signs of a healthy relationship is also important at this stage. Pay attention to your own feelings - if there is insecurity and anxiety, these should be addressed and worked through. Take note of arguments and disagreements, and how they are handled - if the communication remains healthy and respectful, then you know that this is someone that is willing to listen and understand. Be aware of individual space and needs - is there an appropriate balance between spending time together, and giving each other personal space? Give thought as to whether both of you are willing to compromise, and support each other when there are challenges. It is also significant to remember that each person's contribution to the relationship should be acknowledged, and rewarded by showing respect, affection and appreciation.

    Above all, when it comes to making a decision, the key is to trust in yourself and your instincts. Oftentimes, when it's the right person, you will feel comfortable and happy. There will be some opportunities for doubt and fear, but the underlying knowledge that this is it will remain steady throughout. If a person is the right one, you will be able to confidently envision a future together - and still maintain your individual sense of self. The right one won't bring out possessiveness and desire to control, but instead happily let you be who you are. If a this type of connection is not there, then it may be time to reassess.

    Pursuing a relationship takes courage and understanding - and figuring out if it is the right one is a particularly tricky part. Taking the time to ask yourself questions, be aware of certain signs and listen to your own instincts should help in making a decision. Ensure that the relationship is based on a strong foundation of openness, trust and respect and you should be heading down the right path.

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