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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    I Think She Likes Me But What Should I Do?

    It's not easy to tell when someone likes us; in fact, it's often even harder to determine if someone is in love with us. When we develop feelings for someone, often the first thing we all want to know is whether or not they like us back. Many of us have had that experience where we believe someone likes us – and yet, the person just laughs off our advances or avoids any meaningful conversation about it.

    Maybe you've been having secret conversations with a girl — that's a definite sign that she likes you, even if you think otherwise. Maybe you've noticed your female coworker is always glancing towards your office and giving you smiles during meetings. Or perhaps your friend has stopped treating you like a normal buddy and started showering you with attention and compliments.

    Although being able to tell if someone likes you is quite difficult, you can figure out the individual's true intentions by recognizing signals in physical contact, body language, how the other person behaves around you, compliments, and flirty conversation topics.

    If you're fairly certain that somebody is interested in you, then their eyes will usually be the greatest indicator. When you spot her intently looking at you in extended periods, coupled with a dulcet smile, then it's highly likely that she likes you. Similarly, another significant sign of interest is if the person is hung up on your face, and nothing else in particular.

    Additionally, when someone likes you, they often become touchy with your personal space. They may not always invade it, but they might become aware of how close they are to you and adjust their body language to match your posture. For example, if you sit down and cross your legs, they'll follow suit by doing the same.

    On top of physical distance, flirting also plays a crucial role. If someone you like, likes you back, they'll often start small conversations with you, mostly try to bring up your achievements in an effort to make you feel special. They may flirtatiously ask you questions and will often admire you and your qualities. Furthermore, they may give you compliments, and that doesn't necessarily need to have to do with your looks either; this compliment could also be about your ability to articulate yourself, come up with interesting ideas, or just about your interesting opinions.

    It's often quite hard to identify someone's loyalty. While all these behaviors indicate that someone likes us, it's important to pay attention to the person's expectations. Does she expect something more serious from you than you are able to offer? Are your emotional needs compatible? It's essential to identify these warning signs if you would like to maintain a healthy relationship.

    The greatest indication of interest from someone is when they truly want to spend time with you; whether it be going out for lunch or attending a party together. A great way to both test the waters and see how much the person cares about you, is to request things of them. If they're willing to help you with whatever you need, then it's likely a true sign that they may be in love with you.

    No matter what the situations look like, always go slow and consider both people's feelings. Be honest and straightforward with each other, be sure to express your needs, and take things one step at a time. Even if the person likes you, there's still no guarantee of a future relationship; so enjoy the dating game and be responsible.

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