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    Natalie Garcia

    How To Make A Good First Impression When Approaching A Stranger

    The Art Of Making An Impression: Approaching A Stranger

    Approaching someone you don’t know is a hard task. It takes nerve and confidence, as well as tactical skill. There is always the risk of being rejected or even ridiculed by someone, but it’s a risk worth taking. Thinking of approaching someone such as a girl who is very much a stranger to you? You’ll want to take that particular step with extra care. Here are some tips that might help you make an impression without getting hurt emotionally in the process.

    First, it’s important that you approach the girl with respect. Don’t start speaking without thinking; you never know how your words will be taken. No matter what kind of persona she gives off, make sure she thinks you’re a gentleman, not a sleazebag. Talk with her in a polite manner. If you’re thinking about saying a joke or a pick-up line, play it safe at first. Maintain professionalism, after all, you could get yourself into trouble if you act in any other way.

    Another thing to remember is the conversational topic. Pick something that interests both of you. Find the things that you have in common; this could give you both topics of conversation and ultimately lead to a more friendly atmosphere. For example, you both may have a love for music; discuss bands you like, songs you enjoy, and so on. This lighthearted discussion could be just the chance you need to continue talking.

    Remember also that first impressions matter; make sure you look presentable. That doesn't mean you need to dress extravagantly or wear designer clothes. Simple yet neat would do the trick. Figure out what her style is, too. Is it casual, sporty or preppy? Once you have gathered this information, you can plan to match it when you meet up. Yet also be sure to retain your own style, don’t try too hard to be something you’re not.

    It’s also good to stay confident while being yourself. Don’t count out the possibility of failure, but don’t obsess over it either. Keep the conversation going by consistently expressing genuine interest in her. Ask open-ended questions so you two can get to know each other naturally. Taking baby steps is the best way to find out if she’s interested in you. Don't go overboard either and put too much pressure on her; everyone needs space to make their own decisions.

    Approaching a girl who is a total stranger is indeed a nerve-wracking scenario. Consider the tips discussed here and remember to stay appropriate and confident as you make contact. But, most importantly, don’t forget to always have fun and relax. If it doesn’t work out, there is always the next time!

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