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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    How can you tell if someone is truly interested in a serious relationship with you?

    Is it really true love or just an infatuation? It's not always easy to determine the difference between superficial tendencies and a deeper commitment but there are some invaluable signs that can help you form an opinion about where their hearts and minds are at.

    The first sign to look for is how much effort they put into getting to know you. Sure, engaging conversation and light flirting is nice but do they go out of their way to learn more about you? Do they take the time to unearth your interests, passions, and values? This level of care and consideration reveals they're actually interested in being a part of your life - not just passing through it.

    Another key indicator is how often they communicate with you. Does your special someone reach out to check in? Do they stay in touch throughout the day? Are you discovering interesting tidbits about each other via conversations over text or calls? If yes, this person is eager to build a connection with you on multiple levels.

    Pay attention to their level of vulnerability too. Do they open up and slay when they're around you, sharing stories of personal growth with you? Are they willing to share the lonely times as well as the joyous ones? A willingness to open up is proof they feel comfortable and safe with you, which means they're taking steps to invest in the relationship.

    Also take note of how they introduce you to others. Have they shared stories about your accomplishments, dreams, and experiences with their friends and family? Do they gush with delight any time your name comes up or your path crosses in public? If so, chances are you’re dealing with a committed individual who wants you to be a part of their inner circle and the special aspects of their life.

    Track how often you plan time together. Are you scheduling regular dates, holidays together, and surprise outings? A genuine desire for companionship requires a concerted effort to see one another and goes above and beyond a casual causal connection.

    Establishing whether someone genuinely wants a serious relationship with you requires a few observations on your end. Look out for genuine care, communication, vulnerability, pride, and consistent quality times together - these are usually clear cut indicators the individual is truly taking your union to heart.

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