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    Dressing for Sexess

    Excerpted from
    How to Marry the Man of Your Choice
    By Margaret Kent

    When you go out to meet men, do you go as is? Or do you take a shower, fix your hair, put on makeup, and dress in a way you think will enhance your appeal? If so, you're using your looks to manipulate men. This chapter will help you use the power of clothing more effectively.

    Don't let the power of clothing pass you by. Clothing can be your major asset in competing with other women. If you are afraid to read further because you have limited funds or a body that's not quite fit for fashion, don't worry. As you'll see, you don't need thin thighs to marry the man of your choice. Dressing to attract men has nothing to do with fashion or size. It means using clothing to arouse a man's curiosity and his imagination about your body.

    Sexuality is primarily a state of mind. If you've ever visited a nudist camp, you know that the clothed body is more sensuous than the nude body. There's even a joke about a male nudist who, before leaving the office early one afternoon, calls up his wife and says, "Honey, I'm horny and coming home, so get dressed!" Wearing no clothing at all leaves nothing to the imagination.

    Don't feel guilty about using your appearance to attract men. You're not going to create a relationship under false pretenses. You'll be noticed by men, and will not scare them off. You'll increase your new relationships and a chance to prosper at love.


    Your goal in selecting clothing is to enhance your appeal to men. Don't hide your female attributes with confusing patterns. If the material has a busy print, the man isn't curious about the body tucked under the clothing. If there are too many distracting items, it will take too much effort for the man to "figure" out the body contours. He'll assume you don't want to be noticed. He'll turn his attention to others.

    Basic colors are usually best. But avoid pink unless the style is very sophisticated. Pink often connotes that the wearer is a girl, not a woman. Wear clothing that preferably has a solid color, or at least has a small print or vertical stripes that don't detract from the contours of your body.


    Choose a fabric that is soft to the touch and transmits some body warmth. Most natural fabrics and some artificial fabrics will do this. Above all, avoid rough, scratchy materials.


    Wear comfortable undergarments that follow your body's lines, including thongs and matched bra-and-panty sets. Tight undergarments such as corsets and girdles are a misery of the past. If you own any such instruments of torture, toss them out! No matter how large a woman you are, you're more appealing if your body is unconstricted and natural. If you're bound up in girdles, you look like you're in a body cast or brace. Even if you do look ten pounds thinner, these garments are not effective in attracting men.

    Shirts and Blouses

    Your blouse should draw attention to your breasts and their cleavage, but not be revealing. Wear a pullover or a shirt-type blouse or a blouse with buttons in front. These tops hint at easy access to your breasts even if they aren't the slightest bit revealing. T-shirts are great. It doesn't take much male imagination to know that in less than five seconds, these shirts are off over your head. When you select a blouse, choose one that has an open neckline and a small collar. Let the man fantasize.


    Wear skirts that are on the short side, but still within the normal range in your community. If you're sufficiently thin, consider wearing a skirt that hugs your sexy body contours. If you aren't model-thin, wear skirts that loosely outline your body and appear easy to lift. Pleats, stiff materials, uneven hemlines, and other devices distort the body to sexlessness. Consider wearing skirts that button up the front to stir the man's imagination.


    Men generally prefer to see women in skirts or dresses, not slacks. If you do wear slacks, be sure that they're a solid color. Slacks should span the entire length of your legs. Avoid plaids and pleats. Men like women in jeans because they're snug, outline the body, and represent casualness and comfort.


    Men do like shorts on women. Short shorts are especially appealing, but be sure that they're within the social norms of your community before you wear them in public.

    Your shorts should fit relatively snugly, yet provide you with enough range of movement for your active life. Avoid pleats, even when pleats are in style; they distort your figure. As always, select a solid color, not a busy pattern.


    You don't need a bikini-or bikini figure -to lure men. But if you do wear a bikini, a solid color is usually best. Be sure the top and bottom match. Make sure your bikini isn't too skimpy. Stir the man's imagination but do not satisfy his curiosity. One-piece swimsuits are attractive, too. Don't go to the other extreme by wearing a bathing suit with a skirt or ruffles that hide your figure.


    Your legs look more attractive to men if you wear shoes with heels. A slight lift accentuates the calves and creates graceful leg lines. Wear shoes that slip off easily-this will incite the man's imagination. Avoid high heels that are so high, you look awkward when you walk or run. Clumsiness isn't sexy.

    Panty Hose

    Garters are sexual aids or props, not items of clothing. When you wear hose, make sure they reach high on the thighs. The last thing you want is an elastic stocking band interrupting the male's imagination as his eyes glide up your leg. Colors close to your flesh tones are often preferable, but black net hose are often sexier for special occasions.


    The sexiest part of a woman is her face, especially if it's framed by attractive hair. Your hairstyle should make a man want to touch your hair, to run his fingers through it, even if you're not giving him permission to touch it just yet. It's "touchability" that attracts most men.

    Still, you needn't have beautiful hair or spend much time on your hair to succeed with men. Most women will do better with men if they fuss less. Cleanliness and softness are the keys.

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