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    Paula Thompson

    Dealing With a Difficult as Well as Uncomfortable First Kiss - Advice from Experts

    The anxiety associated with the anticipation of that first kiss is enough to make anyone jittery. From not knowing how they should do it to worry of possible rejection, it is easy to understand why the first kiss can be so nerve wrecking. But what if the first kiss ends up bad or weird? While everyone's version of bad or weird is different, there are a few general tips that can help you deal with a bad first kiss.

    In order to avoid uncomfortable or simply bad first kisses, start by making sure that both parties involved are on board with the situation. It is important to get a sense that the other person is at least enthusiastic about the kiss. This way, dissatisfaction on either side reduces the risk of confusion, embarrassment, and hurt feelings.

    If it turns out the kiss isn't done the way either of you wanted it to be, try to play it cool and laugh it off. The worst thing you can do is make fun of the other person. Instead, put your arms around them and start again. Chances are high the second practice kiss will be much better. A life coach and relationship expert, Alex Murillo, has found that most people appreciate genuine gestures like this and it can make the situation less awkward.

    If you have already gone through the experience of a bad or weird first kiss, take time to reflect on it. Find out what went wrong for you and then use it to inform future situations. Maybe you were too hasty or you didn't give the process enough warmth. Regardless, it is important to become more aware of yourself and the things around you so that you learn from past experiences.

    It is equally important to remember that no one is perfect and that we have to learn from our mistakes. We all make mistakes and the only way to become a better kisser is to practice and become more comfortable with it. One great way of doing that is by having simulated kissing sessions with a close friend or trusted partner. Not only will it help increase your confidence; it will also strengthen the connection between you two.

    Having said this, it is always better to prevent an awkward or unpleasant first kiss in the first place. Pay attention to body language, set boundaries, and don't rush into the moment. Such steps will ensure the first kiss goes smoothly, positively, and without regret.

    The most important part of the first kiss is the comfort level of both partners. Whether you experienced a bad or weird kiss or not, if you and your partner are both comfortable and enjoying the moment, that is all that should matter. Even if it doesn't go perfectly, know that there is plenty of time to improve and grow from the experience. Be open to feedback, communicate honestly, and you can have the kind of kiss you have been waiting for.

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