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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Breaking the Friendship Boundary: Taking a Chance on More

    Friendship is an incredible gift. It offers trust, depth, and connection that is oftentimes greater than that of partners. But what if your friendship with someone you care deeply about has been left feeling incomplete, as if there is something longing to take it to the next level? What do you do if you want to take a chance on something more than mere friendship without ruining your special bond?

    While starting a relationship is never a guarantee, approaching the situation in thoughtfulness and sensitivity rather than fear and doubt can help maximize the chances of success. With risk-taking and courage, you can pursue a robust, rewarding relationship with someone you hold dear in your life.

    First and foremost, you must be honest with yourself and truly reflect on your feelings for this person. Do you feel like you’re genuinely in love and potentially capable of making a long-term commitment? Perhaps the sensation of potential progress in a relationship has just recently made you take notice of something beautiful already bonded. Or do you unconsciously seek a replacement for someone who hurt you before, hoping to find something less risky? An honest assessment of your intentions is crucial in order to be genuine with the other person and reap a healthy relationship in the end.

    It is also important to think objectively about the other person’s feelings and position. Ask yourself these questions: Do they encourage your advances or do they distance themselves in conversation? Have they given any indication of wanting something more than friendship? Before you cross the bounds of friendship and perhaps make things confusing and even painful, it is wise to proceed with caution and honestly confront the truth.

    When ready, there are creative strategies for broaching the friendship boundary. Let them speak first and look for clues in their body language and attitude. For example, when asking a special someone out on a date, hint at a more personal setting by suggesting activities such as picnics or a walk in nature together. Alternatively, ask light and fun questions such as “What would you do if nothing mattered?” or “If you revealed something from your heart today, what it would be?” These form meaningful dialogue and provide insight for understanding each other’s true feelings.

    Throughout, offer assurance and confidence. For instance, share with them an anecdote that demonstrates your best qualities, or talk candidly about topics and opinions you have in common. If you feel particularly anxious, remind yourself to take risks and be courageous. Doing something out of the ordinary that brings joy and pleasure to your lives may help set the mood as well.

    Above all, keep listening to your inner one. Have faith in your emotion and acknowledge that positive outcomes are within reach. Drawing on the power of vulnerability and honesty, it is indeed possible to communicate your feelings and establish a relationship built on respect and growth. When done correctly, taking a chance on something more than friendship may prove to be the greatest adventure of all.

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