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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Boldly Read The Signs: How To Interpret Female Body Language

    What women say and what they mean are often two vastly different things. This can make it hard for men to understand what their partners are feeling and thinking. For example, if a woman says "I'm fine" but her arms are crossed and her body language closed off, she may be anything but fine. It may be hard to know the true answer but you can learn how to read her body language and interpret her true feelings.

    Observing the way a woman carries herself is the first step to noticing her body language. If she appears to be confident and open, it could be a sign that she is happy and comfortable with the situation around her. On the other hand, if she appears to be anxious, her body will be tense and she may have subtle signs like pulling away or becoming quiet. Other signs of anxiety can include playing with jewelry or clothing, tapping her foot, and averting eye contact.

    In relation to other people, if a woman typically draws herself away, her body may not be diplomatic. When a woman is interested in someone, she has the potential to stand closer and to make eye contact more frequently. If she is sitting down next to someone, she typically either leans away or towards that person. That leaning towards can be seen as her being attracted to them and the possibility of deepening it from a mutual interest.

    It's also possible to recognize a woman's guardedness or insecurities based on the way she positions herself around others. She may cross her arms, keep her voice low, or hunch her shoulders. These actions suggest that she does not feel comfortable with the situation or the people she is with.

    There are also subtleties to look for. If a woman is interested in someone she may unconsciously move and tilt her head in the direction of the person or even touch her hair, these nonverbal cues can help decipher underlying attraction between two people. A woman may also fidget with her hands, use hand gestures and move her hands in front of her while talking. These are all signs of her bringing attention to her conversation, making her desire to be understood known.

    Rather than reacting to a woman's behavior with frustration or confusion, take a few minutes to observe her body language. This can provide clues as to what she's really trying to say. Understanding her feelings and helping her express them verbally can make it easier to have meaningful conversations and build a stronger connection.

    Pay attention to your body language too. Mirroring is such an important tool to build a trusting connection with someone. it allows for two people to think and feel in sync. Of course, don’t do it to the point where it feels forced, as that might cause the other person to become uncomfortable. But, try to draw upon nonverbal cues and mimic the body movements that come along with it.

    Though it is impossible to know exactly what another person might be thinking, taking note of subtle clues in body language can help men understand the thoughts and feelings of their female partners. So, go forth boldly and read the signs to gain a better understanding of how your significant other is feeling.

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