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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    7 Proven Techniques to Amp Up Your Flirting Game

    Flirting is a funny, tricky, and dare we say sexy, game to play. Making sure you’re being genuine is key when it comes to capturing someone’s heart. Below are seven surefure tips to make your flirting game stronger and dramatically increase the chances of winning your crush's heart.

    1. Be Confident: Confidence is key when it comes to flirting. Showing your own confidence will show your crush that you’re not afraid to take risks—and that’s always attractive. Walk with your head up and adopt a can-do attitude.

    2. Our body language says it all: How we hold our bodies, the facial expressions we make on a daily basis, our style- it all speaks a vivid language. When you’re having a conversation with your crush, be sure to not just pay attention to your body language., but also to their reactions to you.

    3. Make eye contact: Making eye contact with your crush is one of the most powerful ways to establish a connection — even without actual words! MentalFloss.com claims "eye contact releases a chemical called oxytocin, leaving both of you feeling more bonded without anything being said". Powerful stuff.

    4. Use Your Sense of Humor: One of the most attractive qualities anyone can possess is a good sense of humor. Being able to laugh at yourself and with your partner is a bonding experience most people can relate to. Having a light-hearted attitude towards life can be contagious and make your crush want more.

    5. Be curious: Asking personal questions can help you learn more about your crush and create a deeper connection with them. Ask your crush questions about their job, school, likes, dislikes, hobbies and passions. Demonstrating interest in their life will show them you care and that you’re paying attention. While asking questions make sure you focus on actually listening as well.

    6. Compliment: We all love to feel flattered but not everyone is great at giving compliments. Remember, genuine compliments should have a special focus on your crush’s personality and actions, not their physical attributes alone.

    7. Be Kind: Be kind and be conscious of how your actions and behavior could affect others. This can include offering to help others in need, taking part in volunteer work and showing selfless acts of grace. People tend to gravitate towards kind individuals who they feel they can trust.

    By taking into account each these proven techniques, you’ll be better equipped to amp up your flirting game and win your crush’s heart. Good Luck!

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