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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Wealth and Success: Friends or Foes?

    A young man yearned to achieve success. His parents, who are themselves affluent and successful, had given him everything they could to put him on the path of success. They had provided him with a comfortable home in which to grow, a top-notch education promised to open the door to a successful career, and all of the comforts and luxuries money can buy. However, as he got older and started to take out immense loans for his dream career, his parents warned him about the dangers of relying on wealth to achieve success. “Wealth and success are not the same,” they reminded him.

    At first, the young man shrugged off their sage advice. After all, what else did one need, besides money, to have a successful career? He was surrounded by people that he associated with success; they were wealthy, attractive, and seemingly happy. How could he resist this temptation?

    Yet, eventually the young man began to understand that there is more to success than wealth. Gradually he came to realize that while there may be a connection between having money and achieving success, they are ultimately two different things. Money can give you access to certain things, but it cannot provide the tools necessary to do the work. It cannot provide the hard work, determination, and dedication required to build something valuable.

    Another crucial element of success is having a purpose, a true passion that drives you to get up in the morning and puts the fire in your belly to continue the hard work it takes to reach your goals. Without an intrinsic motivation, money and wealth will not be able to move you. As the famous quote by Aristotle states, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    In addition to a purpose and ambition, success is also about having positive relationships, whether professional or personal, with other people. Connections are essential for growth and progress, both in one’s career and personal life. These networks can help introduce new opportunities, as well as provide emotional and moral support when times get tough. Money and wealth cannot replace strong, meaningful relationships, and a sense of community.

    Success is also often viewed through the lens of self-improvement and personal growth. Many successful people dedicate themselves to becoming the best versions of themselves, without the pressures that come with wealth. With a good foundation of values and ethics to lead by example, people naturally become attracted to those that embody these qualities. Character holds more value than anyone’s bank account.

    Wealth and success are not the same. While wealth can make things easier, it doesn’t always guarantee success or happiness. Success must come from within, and is fulfilled by having a nature that is ambitious, ethical, and driven to continually better oneself. Wealth can never provide this.

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