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    Can't Get Interviewed? 7 Tips to Breaking Through the Job Interview Barrier

    Job interviews are the bread and butter of any job seeker, yet sometimes they may seem totally out of reach. You've put in all your hard work polishing up your resume and practicing how to answer those tough interview questions, but you can't even get them to call you back. To cope with the frustration, you turn to the internet o… searching, scrolling and hoping that somebody, somewhere has an answer. Well, don't despair - these 7 tips are designed to get you through the job interview barrier with flying colors.

    First things first - try to take a step back and figure out why you haven't been able to land any interviews. It could be something as simple The Skill Set Gap is real, and that's often what stops job seekers from taking the next step. If you think your lack of experience in certain areas could be preventing you from getting your foot in the door, go for it and start beefing up those skills. Whether it's taking a class or just putting in extra time to learn a new language, paper or process, any new skill can give you an edge during the interviewing process.

    Another practical tip for landing an interview is to expand your network. Networking can be an incredibly valuable asset for job seekers, so look for local events and companies where you can make the right contacts. Online networking has also become a great tool to start building relationships with employers, so don’t forget to join those relevant groups on LinkedIn too.

    Time can keep ticking away while you wait for your phone to ring, so while you wait, why not consider a side hustle. Working a part-time job or starting a side business can not only make you more attractive to learn and grow. Not only that, but a side hustle can make you more marketable in the job market by giving you additional experience!

    Going hand in hand with a side hustle is the idea of freelance work. Freelance job sites like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to create a profile with your skills and services, then pick and choose from a variety of projects. You can use these sites as a way to gain some experience and to add a unique element to your resume. Plus, with the opportunity to build a positive reputation on these platforms, you may even end up getting called in for an interview thanks to your online portfolio.

    If you want to get even more creative, consider getting involved with your community. Volunteering or working on a start-up could be great ways to meet people who can help your job search. For example, helping to set up a fundraiser for a local charity could mean you come into contact with potential mentors or employers.

    Another tip is to not forget about LinkedIn. Make sure that your profile is updated, has accurate information and a professional photograph to stand out from the rest. When the time is right, don't be afraid to reach out to potential employers and show that you’re interested.

    Take some time for self-care. Going through a dry spell in terms of job interviews is really common, so don't forget to take regular rest breaks and make sure you’re avoiding burnout. Job seeking isn't easy and staying disciplined with your routine can make as much of a difference in the long run as it can in the short term.

    When you're feeling stuck and like you can’t possibly break through the interview barrier, these seven tips can offer guidance and support in your job search. While it can be exhausting, going through the process of strengthening your skills, expanding your network and exploring creative options can land you that perfect job in the end.

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