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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Still Standing After a Tough Breakup: Learning to Let Go and Move On

    Breaking up with a long-term partner is one of life’s most difficult tasks – especially if the decision wasn't mutually consensual. It's a process that often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, torn and uncertain how to move on. How do you go on when your heart lingers in pain?

    No matter the nature of the relationship, the breakup triggers a whole range of emotions. Grief and loneliness can be hard to cope with, and often, our mind plays tricks on us; most people struggle for years after a breakup because our thoughts can become irrational and distressing. We begin to doubt our worth, our ability to love, and worry about the future.

    The first and most essential step towards getting through a tough breakup and learning how to let go is a realization that moving is an absolute necessity and nothing else will restore your joy and peace of mind. It's also important to understand that healing doesn't always happen overnight – it's an intricate and complex process that's not always easy.

    Though it might feel like there's no point in living without them, life does still have so much to offer. Reconnecting with old friends, engaging in activities you used to enjoy, taking on challenging pursuits, meeting new people and getting back into the dating scene are all excellent ways to reconnect with yourself.

    Redefining your identity and having a good support system is invaluable for recovering from heartache. Explore who you are outside of the relationship, actively pursue your career or further education opportunities or volunteer in the community. Develop a wide network of friends or family members who you can count on for advice and positive reinforcement as you gradually rejoin the dating world.

    That said, although it's essential to focus on yourself and accept that all relationships come to an end, it's also important to acknowledge the pain associated with the loss. Allow yourself to grieve and heal at your own pace and don't be afraid to express those feelings when they arise. Reaching out to family, friends, or a professional counsellor can be a tremendous help as you sift through the broken pieces.

    When going through tough times, joy always comes out of letting go and embracing life's new surprises. Taking control of your personal growth and investing into yourself will open more doors to happiness than dwelling on sadness and regret ever will. Remember, however difficult, picking up the pieces and starting anew is an incredibly brave and rewarding feat that you alone have the power to achieve!

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